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‘We don’t want an election, but help us get ready for one, and here’s some pork.

There’s more then a better then even chance that outside of the local press, most people were paying attention what was happening in Libya this weekend, rather then what Prime Minister Harper had to say in Vancouver. For those who missed it, he proclaimed yet again that no one wanted an election. On the other hand, it appears if the NDP or other parties don’t like his Budget in a minority parliament, then tough bananas.

Also,there was a  “leak” of an appeal to their masses urging more fund-raising to help with an ‘imminent” election, while their cabinet ministers and MP’s in strategic areas dropped some pork into their own ridings.

Bottom line – don’t take what Harper says at face value.


6 comments to ‘We don’t want an election, but help us get ready for one, and here’s some pork.

  • ridenrain

    We should get another Canoe museum except out west here..

    • Redrum

      @ridenrain, what, the $21 MILLION to replace the ‘Hi, Sailor’ roof on Canada Place wasn’t enough pork for you this week

      www +

      www +

      But I guess that’s a bargain compared to the $100-M they’ll end up spending for the glass roof for the temporary replacement HOC.

      These fools DO spend like drunken sailors. And it’s not their money, tho’ they pretend otherwise with their phony giant cheques.

      And cheque this out — if your browser supports an Excel plug-in —

      a spreadsheet of over 1,000 piddly little EAP community projects — which were all adorned by the additionally costly Sign-Scam — which totals ONE BILLION dollars.

      https + ://

  • Roll Tide

    Nobody wants an election.
    One of the pollsters describes it as “nobody wants to go to the dentist”.

    PS I love elections, it like getting new cards in a poker game.

    • Redrum

      @Roll Tide, ah, you’re such a card, yourself. Roll, roll, roll your vote…

      • Roll Tide


        You have a point. Roll the vote over, and we probably will get the same result. Then what,
        Ignatieff back to Harvard?, Harper stepping down?
        Maybe all the same players at the table for another game.

        • Redrum

          @Roll Tide, we’re probably actually in agreement, on what you just said about some of the most likely results;

          and BTW, thanks for being frank in your Oda comment, a couple days ago;

          but I wasn’t really making a “point” above… just being silly, following suit from your somewhat facetious comment & handle.

          “such a card” = df: Informal. a person who is amusing or facetious.

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