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A back-handed defence of Oda from Minister Kenney

Um, this is the best you can come with for a defence of embattled Cabinet minister Bev Oda, Minister Kenney?:

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Wednesday that Ms. Oda has apologized and that should be the end of it. When pressed by The Canadian Press on whether that was enough after misleading the House of Commons, Mr. Kenney shot back: “The CBC lies all the time. What media are you with?”

Let’s think that statement of Kenney’s through for a minute. He’s just basically said with that attempted defence of Oda that yes, Oda did indeed mislead ..ok.. forget the diplomatic language – that she did indeed lie to the House of Commons. The CBC part of Kenney’s attempted argument is comical.  In Kenney’s mind, CBC lies all the time; ergo, that’s justification for Minister Oda to lie this one time to the House of Commons committee, and by extension, to Parliament.  One lie is nothing!

Jason Kenney is supposed to be one of the leading front runners to replace Harper whenever he decides to pack it in. I can only say with statements like this, I hope he succeeds in doing so.


4 comments to A back-handed defence of Oda from Minister Kenney

  • Ty

    Kenney is a typical CONServative and conveniently forgets facts.

    Canadian Broadcast Standards Council found that CTV violated industry codes for ethics and broadcasting.
    Additionally, they found that the comments of the CTV host went too far. CTV Newsnet ran a statement saying it violated the Canadian Association of Broadcasters code of ethics.

    Kenney has become very skilled at stretching or dancing around the truth.

  • Kenney is merely deploying the well-known Rovian tactic of attacking his critics with accusations that they’re doing the very thing he and his fellow HarperCon ministers do constantly which is inventing their own *facts*.

  • Gayle

    Maybe he was misquoted, and what he really said was “the CPC lie all the time”.

  • Alison S

    So CBC lies all the time? Not so much that the CRTC notices. I watch the CBC faithfully and don’t see anyone lying. Methinks Jason Kenney is projecting just a touch.

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