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Oh Oh Oda

Bev Oda jumps to the top of the list of Conservative Cabinet Ministers who aren’t qualified to be in Cabinet over her blatant misleading of the House of Commons on this issue:

International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda on Monday admitted she was behind the mysterious “not” that was handwritten on a government document that ended funding for church-backed aid organization KAIROS and its international relief work. Reversing her earlier testimony at a Commons committee — where she had claimed not to know who penned the extra word — Oda revealed she had, in fact, directed an unnamed official to add the word “not.” “The funding decision was mine. The ‘not’ was inserted at my direction,” Oda said in a surprise statement in the Commons.

The insertion of “not” and making it appear as if  CIDA officials made the recommendation to her to not fund KAIROS, when in fact they were doing the opposite, would be best illustrated in this document, if you were wondering:

If other people were to have done this, they would most likely found in violation of this particular section of the Criminal Code. Oda needs to be ushered out of Cabinet.


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  • TofKW

    Sir Francis, the list of Conservative Ministers who are not qualified to be in Cabinet is deeper than Oda or Kent. In fact it starts with the Prime Minister himself. He’s nothing more than a political hack who’s greatest roll in the field should never have progressed beyond, maybe, Premier of Alberta (I figure if Ralph could be one…)

    Harper has weakened our Parliament beyond the worst damages ever inflicted by Chretien, Mulroney or Trudeau. Thanks to his tenure, future governments will now prorogue Parliament to escape non-confidence votes. And now he clearly shows he supports his ministers in committing fraud, and lying about it.

    Of course we all saw how unethical Harper was when he tried to bribe an independent MP dying of cancer with death benefits. So none of this should surprise anyone.

  • Let’s be clear here: as bad as Oda is, she’s nowhere near the “top of the list of Conservative Cabinet Ministers who aren’t qualified to be in Cabinet”, and she’ll stay way down that list as long as Harper retains the services of haberdasher’s mannequins like Peter Kent, allegedly our Minister of the Environment.

  • Hey, look,… It was just a creative writing assignment that got mixed up with official government documents,… it could happen to anyone,… NOT!

  • TofKW

    The Harper Conservatives:

    . . . . . . . . . For a more accountable and transparent government

  • Redrum

    Kairos ladies sing dis song, Oo-dah! Oo-dah!
    Kairos’ funding five years down, Oh, Oo-dah day!
    They come down by seven million, Oo-dah! Oo-dah!
    They’ll get back by t-shirting, Oh, Oo-dah day!

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