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Some caution on the Muslim Brotherhood boogeyman

SunMedia journalist David Akin responds to criticisms of media coverage in general that Ezra LeVant spouted off about:

Levant and (others) allege that Western reporters have missed the big story, that the Muslim Brotherhood is about to install radical Islamist rule in place of the secular autocracy that is now crumbling…. I, for one, found it difficult to report conclusions like this while I was in Cairo or since my return for I can find no evidence to back up these statements.. .Journalists reporting on the situation in Egypt would be fools to ignore the Muslim Brotherhood. But journalists on the ground in Egypt have no reason, at this point, to come to the conclusions that Levant.. have arrived at, that the Brotherhood should be condemned as violent fundamentalists. The reality, for now at least, is much more complicated.

Does anyone else find it amusing that Ezra is being critical of investigative reporting?

Anyhow, it was a well written post, but it currently only is on Mr Akin’s personal blogsite. I for one hope that the SunMedia folks allow it to be written as an op-ed in their papers. The extreme conservatives like Levant and whatever fan base he has won’t be dissuaded from their views, but it would be nice for Akin’s POV to be widely broadcast so others not so extreme (and there must be SOME of those folks out there who read Sunmedia) get the other side of the story from someone who was actually there.


6 comments to Some caution on the Muslim Brotherhood boogeyman

  • ridenrain

    I liked this one…

    Nothing like MSNBC to give Obama credit for egyption peoples hard work.

    • Roll Tide

      Excellent video ridenrain. The plot is far from over in Egypt, it can get very scary with the MB.

  • Northern PoV

    An excellent analysis on this topic can be found here:

  • Roll Tide

    I am preparing myself for the sanitation of the Muslim Brotherhood from the left. Lets forget about the assassination of Sadat (how dare he make peace with a Zionist).

    We should have the free press as they themselves envision.

  • ck

    Akin is still one of the few who will still tell it like it is. While we may not agree with everything he says all of the time, he still remains factual. Sadly, I wouldn’t bet on his post making it on to the Sun Media pages though, which is a shame after he risked life and limb (We know how dangerous it was for journalists in Egypt as of late) to go see things for himself and then report them as he saw them. Ironic how the paper seems to only take the word of one who is simply driven by ideology and who hasn’t even been on the ground as Akin has. But then, let’s not forget that Ezzy, only 2 weeks ago called the protests “fake” in his Sun Media column.

    You shoulda heard Tarek Fatah and Beryl Wajsman take a collective dive for the fainting couches last night on CJAD. Quite the riot. Had no idea Fatah was now, all of a sudden, an expert on all things Egyptian.

    Get ready for more wingnutty goodness.

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