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A University of Laval study on the Canadian Political Blogosphere

Are you a Canadian political blogger? You might be interested in participating in this.


The Political Communication Research Lab (GRCP) at Laval University would like to invite bloggers to participate in a ground-breaking study of the Canadian political blogosphere (Research Ethics Board file number : 2010-289/16-12-2010). Participants must be at least 18 years old, must live in Canada, must have the right
to vote in Canada and must have a blog where they mostly or frequently post (more than once a week) on Canadian, international or Quebec politics.

The participants will complete an online survey on their socio-demographic profile, their political practices and their motivations for engaging in political blogging. The survey is made up of 76 questions, the majority of which are closed-ended. However, there are also open-ended questions that will allow participants to freely reflect on the
themes of the survey. The survey can be completed in about 30 minutes.

The survey will be open until 28 Feb. 2011.
For more information about the study please contact :
Thierry Giasson
Lead investigator
Political Communication Research Lab (GRCP)
Département d’information et de communication, Université Laval
1055, avenue du Séminaire, Québec, Qc, G1V 0A6
Tél : (418) 656-2131, 7709
[email protected]
[email protected]


I have the link to the study, so if you’d like to participate, fire me off a message, either in the message board here, or in email, and I’ll send you the study’s URL.  (I removed it from this posting, which the researchers asked if I might post this request at my blogsite. I decided to do so, but have decided to remove the URL the link to the study’s questions from being publicly shown, because I feel the researchers are risking “freeper” contamination from people who don’t blog who might want to give the impression their particular political persuasion blogs the most.


6 comments to A University of Laval study on the Canadian Political Blogosphere

  • I was a bit surprised I was invited to be part of the study. Checking my stats I didn’t think I was getting that much readership. LOL But it’s a worthwhile study and I can’t wait to see the results.

  • Stan

    Oh really?
    And how are you doing that?
    Do you have exclusive editorial control?
    Do you have control of that link?
    Are you going to slip it only to the so called ‘progressive’ bloggers?
    How are you going to prevent the fans of certain ‘progressive’ bloggers from flooding the survey?

    Holy freakin’ amateur hour!
    Amateur censorship that is.

    Try logic.

    • @Stan, You wouldn’t know censorship if it stared you in the face. It’s a very simple concept Stan: If people ask me for the link who I know are Canadian political bloggers – regardless of their political stripes, I give it to them without a 2nd thought…and I don’t give it to the ones I know aren’t or who I suspect aren’t.

      In fact, Stan, the purveyors of the study said as much to me when they asked if I’d pass this survey’s URL to only those folks I know or can confirm are bloggers.. so it helps to cut down on the chances of their study results being skewed or “freeped”.

      The only one needing some logic is you, Stan.. It’s a trait a lot of Conservatives and their supporters don’t seem to have.

  • Stan

    Too funny, you are skewing the survey so someone else can’t?

    • @Stan, Nope.. I’m making sure that the people who take the survey are actual Canadian political bloggers, and not people who aren’t bloggers. Is that too hard to understand, Stan?

      I hope all Canadian political bloggers – including Conservative ones – take the survey. What I do not want is for the fan base of certain political blogs to get on and pretend they’re bloggers to skew the results.

  • I did it. It’s good.

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