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Tim Hudak wants cheaper beer. Healthcare, he isn’t so sure about.

I’m venturing into provincial politics today – specifically Ontario provincial politics. It seems Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak is trying to play the populist card that his federal counterpart Harper uses as a strategy; try focus on core simple messages, and try to bypass/ignore the more complex issues that might cause problems for you. The problem is, Hudak isn’t doing it very well:

He’s for buck a beer…But on the evidently more mundane files, like health care, even Hudak doesn’t seem to know where he stands. Last week, Hudak’s office stated clearly that “if elected premier, he would not cut the health tax or Ontario’s health care budget.” …By Monday, Hudak had reversed himself..He said cutting the health premium, which costs taxpayers up to $900 per year, is still “on the table.” Amid all this flip-flop and beer talk, though, remains a more serious issue: What is Hudak’s health care plan?

I know the “buck a beer” slogan might make for a catchy campaign ad, but Ontarians need to be asking what exactly Hudak would do on the more complex issues such as healthcare – which by the way, Canadians rank at the top of their list as what they strongly identify with.

Reversing one’s self in the course of a weekend is a pretty big flip-flop. Either Hudak doesn’t know yet what he wants to do, or he does, but he doesn’t want to tell Ontario voters yet.


5 comments to Tim Hudak wants cheaper beer. Healthcare, he isn’t so sure about.

  • Jeff Edwards

    It was an issue. David Petersen, 1985. If you want to buy your beer at a corner store in Ontario you can. Rural Ontario has many “Agency” stores, where demand does not warrant an LCBO or Beer Store. They are just not in the populated areas.

    Lets move on to another issue, health-care, Education, The Environment…..

  • Roll Tide

    I do not drink much beer, if any, at all.
    What I do know is that we have a “Beer Store” that is controlled by the two (foreign owned) major brewers.
    If you want a new beer distributed you have to go through them.
    Try and find such a stupid, anti competitive, monopolistic system anywhere else.

    Why is this not a issue. Why are all parties afraid?

  • Tim Whodat’s Hair of the Dog Healthcare Plan?

  • Jeff Edwards

    Next on his agenda is bringing the price of the all Canadian Ever Blessed tim Hortons Double Double to a buck. Now that would increase voter turn out – of course if those are the only issues…why have an election….let the tail wag the dog!

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