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Spending the night in an Emergency waiting room.

No political post this AM; too much going on. I had to go down to my local hospital’s Emergency clinic last night to get a minor thing checked out, and ended spending 3 1/2 hours there and not getting home til after midnight. I was off to the pharmacy very early this AM to get my prescription, so it’s been a bit nutso.

The long wait did allow me to watch CTV’s Monday night programming in the waiting room. I can’t say I was too impressed – I’m not much into sitcoms. Oh, and I’m not really too unhappy about the long wait, or rather, I can understand it. That’s what happens in a triage situation where the most urgent cases get looked at first. With only 1 doctor on duty, I kind of expected it. A lot of worried moms were in the hospital last night with sick kids or babies – and it’s perfectly understandable they’d get looked at first.


7 comments to Spending the night in an Emergency waiting room.

  • Neil

    I spent 9 hours in the waiting room of an ER the other night. It took every ounce of self-control I had to not spin off into “waiting room rage”.

  • Stan

    It never occurred to you to wonder why there was only one doctor on duty?

    I love these good little socialists who willingly suffer needlessly for their political cuase, but I’m not sure why you want everyone else to suffer as well.

  • Hope you’re doing better. Splint on finger? What happened?

    • @Jymn, In brief.. a freak accident at curling. part of a piece of an ingrown nail on my thumb splintered in the inside of the nail.. cutting it and infecting it. Very sore and a lot of pressure.. cant even do buttons up right now with it.

  • ck

    Waited 16 hours when I had pneumonia last October. Funny, according to the right wingnut faction, all those private for profit facilities (Quebec is the Canadian capital of that nowadays)were supposed alleviate all that. Guess not.

  • Roll Tide

    3 1/2 hours is not bad.
    I waited 5 hours a year ago with my wife.

  • Chewing your nails off waiting for an election? 😉

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