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Politics and sport don’t mix.

I saw last night that the Conservatives couldn’t help themselves, and ran an anti-Ignatieff attack ad (possibly more.. I saw one instance of it) on CTV during the Superbowl. Maybe they thought they were being clever and all, running this when a lot of people were tuned in to get maximum exposure, but really, I wonder how many people were looking at that and thinking to themselves why you’d run some virulent stuff like that on a prime time sporting event.

Ads being run during the SuperBowl on Canadian TV were supposedly 100 000$, by the way. I know the CPC partisans online and such are probably awash in glee they ran this ad, but I wonder if the more moderate people not on blogrolls or in the CPC who donated to the CPC thinks this is a good use of their donation. Some of their fans don’t think it is.


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  • Frankly Canadian

    Everyone I talked to thought it was just another extravagant expenditure by our Conservative Government. Most people I know are tired of the constant advertising this government does.

  • Roll Tide

    They ran it so bloggers can have some fun.

  • ridenrain

    The audience is where you find them.
    I’m so pleased with this I’ll be doubling my usual donation to the CPC.

    • Redrum

      @ridenrain, That’s Stephen Harper’s Canada for ya, eh riding side-saddle: watching American football & Hollywood movies.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @Redrum, what a dolt Ridofbrain is being.

        “I love propaganda so much I’ll pay double for it.”

        Ive got some oceanview property in Cranbrook to sell to Ridofbrain in that case. Double price.

        • ridenrain

          If more, or anyone actually donated to the Liberal party, you guys could run your own ads instead of getting the media to run them. It’s going to take more than catchy jingles and bumper sticker slogans to win an election.

        • Redrum

          @bullet-riddled, and it doesn’t bother you that nearly half of your donation is kept by the fundraisers (see above) and that the taxpayer is subsidizing something like 70% of that money you’re directing towards the fundraisers & attack ads. Some Conservative — corporate welfare for sleazy boiler-room fundraisers.

  • It certainly makes watching sporting events on TV a lot less fun. Changed the channel when I saw it, it stunk so bad.

  • Redrum

    I also wonder whether the hapless Conservative donors know that over 40% of their donations are just going to fund: the fundraisers themselves.

    That was over $7-Million (40.7%) of the nearly $18-M extracted from Conservative donors in 2009, for example,
    www +

    staying mostly with outfits like the Responsive Marketing Group (whom Tom Flanagan says they had an exclusive relationship with, on p. 86 of book, “Harper’s Team”), which has had some rather dubious practices:

    www +

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    …and the other 60% going to attack ads. Nice.

  • Remember, the CONs have conned their supporters out of so much money that they’ve got enough to run two campaigns, hence the extravagant ad buys, their cup runneth over. In one sense, it’s truly clever — they just need to suppress about 2% of the populace from leaning Liberal, or from going to the polls. It is never about proving their policies are attractive to regular Canadians, or that their all-Harper motives are altruistic. Whether nuance will come into play, or the CONs overplay their hands, is still to be determined. I’m betting the CONs fear a Liberal gov’t will ban pre-writ advertising as much as the opposition worries about public funding of political parties… What would the CONs do with their lucre, then? Actually have to develop palatable policies and promote them?

  • Redrum

    And someone last night tweeted that they saw a Con. ad on the network debut of the movie “Knocked Up [after a drunken one-night stand]”

    I wonder how the Social Conservatives feel about their donations being used to support the broadcast of a comedy making light of that, and associating their party with it, outside of an election period, yet.

  • Will M.

    Pretty expensive for a group who claim they don’t want an election.

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