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Did the Liberals ad release bait the Conservatives into going over the top?

I ask that question because the Liberals 2 ad releases attacking the Conservatives on policy fronts (corporate tax cuts, stealth fighter jets) seemed to spur the Conservatives into releasing 2 even more over-the-top attack ads in the past couple of days – ones that have been roundly criticized for how much they’ve taken Ignatieff and the Liberals out of context. You can only go so far, before the backlash and the negatives outweigh any supposed benefits from misleading the public.

The Liberals need to stay on course with being critical on Consrevative on policy.. and I’d suggest maybe even, an ad that ties the 2 together (“we attack policy – they smear people with falsehoods”). The contrast can be made not only between Liberal policy and Conservative policy, but Liberal class vs Conservative classlessness (and an obsession with destroying their opponent’s reputations, rather then governing).


13 comments to Did the Liberals ad release bait the Conservatives into going over the top?

  • marie

    it really doesn’t take much to bait as one can see by their parrot trolls spinning themselves right out of credibility and honesty. The only answer for this is the monies they get for every post soundbites sent to them from the PM . No other reasonable answer as only uneducated 10 year old would retaliate like they do and not even open minded to see how this Government will screw them up as well. When the time comes, they will be useless and treated like garbage crying poor me, we didn’t know.

    Wishful thinking on my part. They will simply sink with the ship fading away quietly standing in line at the food banks begging for nourishment and shoving everyone that gets in their way out of the line ups. Man would I love to see those days and they will happen sooner than later. They will have become useless to their cult leader they so cherish.

  • Roll Tide

    Interesting…….every politician will make a gaffe.
    It is true that the liberal media will play the conservative gaffe as some sort
    question on the persons intelligence, but give the liberal a pass. Just ask Dan Quayle or Sarah Palin.
    Gaffe machines Obama and Biden are considered geniuses.

  • Bull Caller


    The ‘hee haw’ may have had something to do with the fact that a rather considerable part of fundamental geography was lost on someone who holds a ministerial position of a rather important portfolio, and was at an international event with other dignitaries, and failed to recognize what grade school children do.

    I think the bar is supposed to be a bit higher there. Stupid mistake aside, I’ll admit a bit too much is being made of it – but then again, I doubt you’d see much of the same pragmatism from the conservatives had the table turned. Example being your ‘bill gates’ comment in an attempt to detract from what obviously is a sore point for you.

    • wilson

      ”maybe they’re just tired of being bullied, lied to, spied on, denied access to, stage managed by, and just generally being jerked around by this PM & they’re not going to enable & aid & abet him, anymore…”

      Excuse me? You are saying that CTV is retaliating against a political party?
      perhaps you should run your idea past the CRTC….

      • Redrum

        @wilson, or maybe they’re just making up — a bit — for the hatchet job they let auditioning-for-Senator Duffy do on Dion, back in ’08… or what they did to Iggy a couple days ago in unleashing that “Howard Dean’ meme. But go ahead and complain; I’m sure there’ll be no stopping you, now.

        • Gayle

          @Redrum, Or maybe they don’t want to make a story out of every single slip of the tongue by a politician, because there is, like, real news out there.

          Don’t dignify wilson’s pathetic built in excuse for every reported mis-step by a conservative by actually debating whether there is bias. There isn’t.

  • wilson

    Well, the CPC could have a little fun and launch a ‘let’s ask Bill Gates’ ad

    • Redrum

      @wilson, yes, let’s go there:

      because an Opposition Leader’s Freudian slip mixing up the first names of the visiting American Secretary of Defense with one of America’s most famous & richest men with the same surname is so much more indicative of a mental lapse than a PM who mixes up the names of a country we’re waging a losing war in with… a Canadian province.

      www +

      www +

      (And BTW, even if CTV gave Ignatieff a ‘Mulligan’ on that slip, CBC did not: it closed their Power & Politics show, yesterday.)

      • wilson

        The point isn’t that Ignatieff made a mistake, people do that, duh,
        it is that CTV edited out the Bill Gates gaffe in their footage of Ignatieff on last nights National,
        and ran the LPC jet fighter attack ad, for free, on prime time.

        Compare that treatment to the full day of heehaw on McKay’s gaffe, with video posted EVERYWHERE.

        There is no defence,
        pure and simple evidence of bias

        • Redrum

          @wilson, maybe they’re just tired of being bullied, lied to, spied on, denied access to, stage managed by, and just generally being jerked around by this PM & they’re not going to enable & aid & abet him, anymore.

        • Gayle

          @wilson, Desperation looks good on you.

          Here’s a thought. Maybe the story was about the fighter jets, and not an innocent slip of the tongue. Are you suggesting that each and every single time a liberal slips it is ignored and each and every time a conservative does so it is headline news? Because I doubt even you would be that silly.

          Nice try wtih the paranoid conspiracty theory, but the truth is the CPC get criticized because they deserve it.

  • Will M.

    I want to see an ad that asks if the government’s #1 priority is the economy, why don’t their ads reflect that rather than only personal attacks.

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