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Harper’s version of co-operation is a bit odd.

Harper thinks if Parliament co-operates, an election can be avoided. Sounds wonderful, except Harper’s version of cooperation seems a bit backwards:

Stephen Harper has been saying that co-operation in Parliament could avert an election in the near future, but the opposition leaders say the Prime Minister doesn’t seem interested in seeking any help in keeping his government afloat….NDP Leader Jack Layton said he’s wondering why a politician who wants co-operation would release negative TV advertisements, attacking the people he says he wants to work with…Liberal officials said Harper has only consulted Ignatieff a couple of times in the past two years, and they do not expect any conversations leading up to the reopening of Parliament next week or the budget, expected in late March.

Either Harper’s being a Harpocrite once again, trying to fool the public into believing he’s trying to be reasonable (with these attack ads and even his lone “positive ad and its message at the end clearly showing he isn’t), or it appears Harper’s version of co-operation means: “roll over and accept my agenda”, even though he exists in a minority Parliament.


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  • TofKW

    Hey that’s great. Stephen Taylor did an article a few months back questioning the Harper government on blocking the sale of Potash Crop to BHP. I in fact fully supported Harper’s decision (regardless that it was done for political and pragmatic reasons, rather than to protect Canadian economic sovereignty) but even so, it was nice to see Taylor’s vision of the government shattered online like that. Also nice to see some independent thought out of the leader of the Flogging Bories.

  • Bull Caller

    Well the seperatists have their line in the sand. Conservatives have painted themselves into a corner without framing any sort of wedge or value proposition that could give them any early advantage. The Harper government is a dead man walking…. that sound is of the war room monitors being turned on.

  • Bull Caller

    Con Shills can taunt the libs for their previous hollow threats, but the fact remains that Harper’s public credibility with voters is in tatters. Beyond partisan lines, most Canadians, already cynical about politicians view Harper in particular as entirely in it for himself. The finger pointing and false claims of being victims of ‘partisan tactics’ ring hollow to all but the mentally challenged. The pathetic framing and taunts about ‘voting the budget down’, will either come with a last minute panic deal with their hated ‘socialists and separatists’, and if that fails would Harper run to the GG and dare to prorogue again? Be prepared for an election, and it will not be a repeat of 2008 as the ‘pundits’ suggest. The electorate is angry and that does not bode well for the incumbent.

    • Redrum

      @Bull Caller, if so, PMS might have to go running straight to the Queen to prorogue this time (like Kory let slip he was contemplating in ’08); GG Johnson’s signalled he’s not going to get fear-mongered or BS’d into ruling that coalitions are illegitimate.

      • Bull Caller

        @Redrum, Politically, even for a GG this would be suicide. Optics are poor for the CPC right now, which is why they had a media blitz about their ‘5 years in office’ party. I mean how pathetic is that? I’ve never heard of any other government make such a deal out of a relatively benign passing. Why would they try to highlight their, uhm….’accomplishments’ so publicly?? hmmm… they know as much as everyone else that an Election is coming and this one will be about solid issues and their own performance. They can’t blame the previous government (them), or shout Adscam anymore and running attack ads and touting their ‘performance’ won’t convince anyone. Shortly afterward you will hear about Harper departing politics for one of his favoured cushy conservative think tank jobs, retreating to Calgary while the CPC eats itself alive.

        • Redrum

          @Bull Caller, speaking of stink tanks, I’m amused by the thought of the cognitive dissonance likely paralyzing some of the conbots right now, what with their Mommy & Daddy fighting about whether to sell out their Conservative & Western Firewall principles by subsidizing pro sports, esp. in order to pander to votes, in, ugh, QC.

          Head Talking Point fez-dispenser Stephen Taylor’s actually had to, gasp, criticize the CPC for contemplating this, in his new (& Harper’s former) role in an actual paid job for the right-wing NCC:

          www +–mps-watchdogs-bash-pro-sports-arena-funding–page0

  • Redrum

    More “Elephant Talk” by Kring Krimson

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    It’s all talk
    Elephant talk, elephant talk, elephant talk”

    (written by Adrian Belew, Bill Bruford, Robert Fripp and Tony Levin; from ‘Discipline’).

    www +

  • Gayle

    Kring, you are in overdrive.

    It is clever the way you kind of obviously try to make this about the LPC not having the guts to defeat him, but the point of the story is that Harper is saying one thing and doing another – yet again.

  • Kring

    Or one of the other parties will support the budget, and the Liberals can go on and talk faux tough for the first time in five years over the shoulders of the party (either Bloc or NDP) that saves Ignatieff from himself.

  • Kring

    You say he won’t work with you? You say you don’t want to “roll over and accept his agenda?” Then defeat him on the budget and we’ll have an election and you can try and get rid of this government. The thing is, will the Liberals have the parts this time to do that? Well, we’ll see.

    • marie

      All that BS appearing from the media and Harper’s government& his brain-dimmed supporters is getting a bit much for intelligent Canadians who have a lot of common sense and that will determine the outcome. I suppose you could add on the Prorogue cut and run that Harper did when he prorogued Parliament for over two months. Who didn’t have the guts there I wonder? Completely agree with Gayle’s post.

      Be Afraid, BE really Afraid. The tides have turned on hypocrite Cult Harper’s. Bull Sh*t is obvious to all who have an independent and open mind other than his adoring followers.

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