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Artistic freedom wins out locally.

If I may turn to a more local story to comment on today, I have to say I missed the kerfuffle the past month in Tillsonburg (where I was born) over a piece of art sculpture the Tillsonburg library had unveiled and then decided to cover after receiving some complaints that it was promoting homosexuality – because the artist happenned to mention he had made previous sculptures that had tried to shed a positive light on the gay community. Take a look at the picture over here at Kevin’s site – seriously, if you hadn’t heard the artist’s statements, do you think that statue promotes homosexuality? Do you think your kids will all suddenly decide they want to become gay by looking at that statue? (I might also say, “who cares?”, but that’s slightly deviating from the topic of the blogpost, and another story/topic. – plus the folks who complained about the statue obviously do care – if wrongly). Fortunately, sanity and reason seems to have prevailed, and the Library Board at Tillsonburg reversed the decision to cover it up.

If I also may partially defend my local area to Kevin, apparently the submissions to the Library in support of showing the statue far outweighed those wanting it censored banned covered in the name of apparent public decency. Kevin also wonders why this was even an issue to begin with. As Kevin should know, since he was in the area at one time, the area in and around Tillsonburg are home to a lot of Christian folks that we would theologically call ‘fundamentalists’. Politically, God, gays (being against them) and guns (for them) are big topics/hot points in the rural areas that lie north between Tillsonburg and Woodstock, and all points south/east/west til you hit a major urban centre. I’m actually pleased/ slightly surprised to see the local community rallying in the name of artistic freedom in good numbers.


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