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The politics of fear need to be responded to.

More attack ads suddenly released by the Conservative Party of Canada. Coincidentally (actually, I don’t believe it to be a coincidence at all), the Conservative government has brought out of the closet the Economic Action Plan ads touting how great they have been with their stimulus plan -this after months of them being off the air.

The attack ads now not only target the Liberals, but the other opposition party members as well. Why? Either Harper is setting the stage to try and drive down his opponents polling #’s to a point where he doesn’t care if the government falls on the March budget, or he’s trying to scare them into allowing him to keep power.

Either way, I advocate a forceful response to this. The media’s reaction to these ads has been with raised eyebrows – even to the point of comparing what Harper is doing with the political discourse up here as opposed to Obama asking for higher standards of respect in the wake of the Tucson shooting.

Ignatieff has responded forcefully in the press.. but I’d hope the forcefulness goes beyond that. There is ample room for counter-attack here (“Harper would rather attack his political opponents and try to scare the country then actually govern the country”) – I hope it is taken advantage of.


16 comments to The politics of fear need to be responded to.

  • Roll Tide

    Scott is for a “forceful” response. What about Obama’s call for “civility”.
    How about “guns in our street’s”
    Kinsella always uses the word “Reformatories”, is that “civil”?
    Shall we quote the words used to describe Prime Minister Harper from this blog?

    This discusion all a by product of the liberal media’s embarrassing failure in its rush to link Sarah Palin to the tragedy in Tucson.

    The liberal media is caught in a pickle.

    Watching them has become bizzare as well as hilarious.

    CNN now wants to ban the word crosshair.

    Watch Peter King apologize for his friend Andy Shaw.

    Will Peter King ask James Carville to apologize for the movie titled “war room”?
    Scott used the word “target”
    “The attack ads now not only target the Liberals”

    Zellers got bought out by “Target”, complete with bulls eye logo.

    If the Conservatives ad’s fail (can’t say backfire), the public will decide.

  • TofKW

    wilson said “How can Liberal talking points be “Harper government has created the biggest deficit in Canadian history,””

    Um, because dollar for dollar …HE HAS!

    And we were in a structural deficit before a penny of EAP money was spent. That and Harper spent the $10 billion surplus Paul Martin had built up to buffer us against an inevitable future recession.

    The borrow & spend Reformatards are better economic managers? Only liars like wilson believe that.

    • Roll Tide

      @ Wilson,tofkw, and Redrum

      If Liberals and Conservatives want to take credit for the EAP, then they BOTH must take credit fot the deficit.

      • Redrum

        @Roll Tide, true, except that the deficit was way worse than it had to be because of all the ill-advised tax cuts the Cons. have been making; and the recovery is a lot shallower & the effects of the spending are a lot shorter-term than they had to be if the Cons. had invested them more wisely.

        • Redrum

          oh, and once the Cons. finally saw the light (gee, we really ARE heading into a recession), was there ANY federal Party that didn’t see the need & vote for stimulus spending at the end of 2008? No: so they ALL share responsibility for there being a deficit in 2009 & ’10 (but not nec’ly for the precise SIZE of it).

          But there was only one who always told their base that they’d never do such a thing and whose leader claims to be an economist in his own right whose Master’s Thesis that claim is founded on actually argued AGAINST govt’s doing stimulus spending, as just being wasteful electioneering.

        • Roll Tide


          Economic growth is necessitated by low competitive tax rates.
          High taxes mean-low growth-less government revenue-fewer jobs-higher deficits.

      • Redrum

        @Roll Tide, yeah, yeah: the ‘voodoo economics’ theory, which is a lot of hokum:

        www +

        www +

        Plus almost every economist thinks, and thought, that the GST cuts were really dumb from an economic (but not a vote-pandering) pt. of view.

        • Roll Tide


          Cutting taxes when rates are too high bring in more revenue.
          Kennedy and Ronald Reagan both did it, and succeeded.

          When a consumption tax is too high, the underground economy flourishes. Cutting the GST reduces “cash deals”.
          The GST is a tax that replaced a manufacturing tax. It was a tax that destroyed exports. Successive Liberal governments tried to have it replaced and failed. Mulroney finally succeeded, and it cost him politically.
          Harper was wise to clip the rate, the extra money is better in the hands of the citizen then the greedy government.
          Remember when you have a 100% tax rate, you receive no revenue because you have destroyed your economy. When you have a 0% tax rate, you also receive no revenue.
          Tax rates need to be low enough to provide incentive to work, produce, invent, compete, and flourish.

          As far as “vote-pandering”, the Liberals got elected promising to ABOLISH the GST.

        • Redrum

          @Roll Tide, Uh-huh. Well, if 100% corporate tax is too high, and 0% is too low, then, gee, by the Goldilocks principle, maybe 50% would be just right… or the current level of 18%, or about 25%, incl. the provincial tax.

          Cuz like it or not, the country DOES need — and we the people’s expectations demand, even if we don’t admit it to ourselves — a high level of taxation to support our publicly funded health care system.

          The various levels of government in Canada fund what, about 70% of Canadians’ health care costs; and that consumes about half of all government spending. That’s got to come from somewhere. And the corporations benefit richly from our health care system, both to keep its employees healthy & productive, and as a tremendous inducement to locate here rather than in the USA, where corporations pay almost as much in health care benefits as part of their compensation packages as they do in salaries.

  • wilson

    ‘…let the country know that but for the Liberals there would be no Economic Action Plan. Wasn’t this the plan that the liberals put forward in order to allow Harper to stay in power. Why is it we are allowing Harper take all the credit…”

    Because JMR, Ignatieff chose right from the onset that ‘Harper wears this recession’, ‘it’s not my budget’, ‘we aren’t going to give Harper Liberal ideas to steal’.
    Wasn’t the Liberal mentality that the recession would take PMSH out,
    just stand back and watch?

    How can Liberal talking points be
    “Harper government has created the biggest deficit in Canadian history,”
    oh, and by the way,
    it was a LPC idea!! Didn’t we do good!

    The country knows the coalition forced PMSH to spend billions to appease them,
    HOW the government spent the billions is 100% to their credit.

    • Redrum

      @wilson, re: “the coalition forced PMSH to spend billions [on the EAP] to appease them”

      Hmm, except the PM himself was asked that point-blank in the Mansbridge interview that aired last night, and he responded:

      “No, we’ve taken the positions, Peter, because they’re the right positions for the economy… because they’re affordable and they’re the right thing to do. …When you have a complete collapse of market confidence, …then the only alternative you have is for government to move in, absorb those funds…and put them to work productively to stimulate business confidence.”

      www +

      That is, _he_ took ownership of it.

      Which begs the question, Wilson — Who’s lying: him or you?

  • TofKW

    You got it wrong. Harper doesn’t want an election.

    These are anti-election ads designed to make the opposition parties (specifically the Grits) fearful of voting down the spring budget.

    I smell nothing but fear in these ads.

  • Mark McLaughlin

    I agree with the premise of confronting a bully, and bullying is what Harper is doing right now. He’s sticking out his chest and waving his tail feathers in your faces to intimidate someone into backing down.

    The risk of standing your ground is that you might just get decked. His show of strength is not just postering. He really does have the upper hand on the opposition parties, save maybe the Bloc.

    Most can see he’s itching for a fight. He probably won’t include any poison pills in the budget to avoid media blame for an election. If all he does is talk tough, he’ll be able to avoid responsibility for triggering an election in MOST people’s minds.

  • I say we hire someone like a Rick Mercer to very sarcastically, yet humorously, illustrate how the EAP is a Liberal/NDP idea, and that Conservative “rank and file” members actually treat it with much contempt (except when there’s a photo-op with giant cheques)…

    • Marie

      Great Idea as Rick Mercer has a very popular show and the audience to make fun of boy child Harper. Hopefully Ignatieff will use others to make his point. The checks as well will make a strong point. Man this ReformAllince party has got to be defeated whatever way it takes. It may take a page out of harper’s book to do it and a Media that starts to play fair and unbiased as If? What was I thinking. Never the NP or G&M nor CTV thats for certain.

  • JMR

    Hey Liberals out there isn’t it about time we knocked Harper down a peg or two and let the country know that but for the Liberals there would be no Economic Action Plan. Wasn’t this the plan that the liberals put forward in order to allow Harper to stay in power. Why is it we are allowing Harper take all the credit. I think we need to contrast the budget or economic update that Flahery put forward that almost brought the government down with the final budget with the Liberal input. I still remember the leaders debate when Dion warned of the coming disaster and Harper pooh pooh it saying that Dion was panicing, just who proved to be right?

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