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Words for Liberals to consider.

Senator Keith Davey passed away today – a longtime Liberal guru and strategist.

One of the quotes that is attributed to him is this:

“I learned that it is when the Liberal party shifts to the right that we lose elections. The Liberal party wins when it is most liberal. Whenever the Tories outflank us on our left, we inevitably lose.”

If that’s from him that’s a quote to think about, if you’re a Liberal.


12 comments to Words for Liberals to consider.

  • ridenrain

    Moving left just adds to the competition for votes, and the NDP are always getting more realistic. Soon when Jurrasic beasts like Libby Davies and ideologs move on, maybe some modern policys can be found.

  • Roll Tide

    “The Liberal party wins when it is most liberal.”

    Not in 2011. As long as voters feel the Liberals will out spend the Conservatives, the Conservatives will stay in power.
    Right now, Harper owns the middle-right, or as he put it last night “pragmatic conservative”.
    Ignatieff will make inroads if he moves to the right, and owns the middle….. family friendly tax cuts, and spending controls.

    • Redrum

      @Roll Tide, and Harper will make inroads if he moves to the left and restores all the funding he’s cut to women’s, pro-choice, immigration & refugee, international development, human rights, and prison reform and rehabilitation causes. Shall we continue to give each other good, impartial, strategic campaign advice in good faith, then?

  • Earl G.

    Campaign on the left, govern on the right. In other words, lie to voters. Sounds about right for the LPC!

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Earl G., Campaign on the right, govern on the left. In other words, lie to voters. Sounds just like the CPC too!

      • Jon Pertwee

        @Jon Pertwee, or would that be pose as a centrist to get elected than act like a Liberal to stay in power. Must be the Harper way eh Earl?

        • Earl G.

          @Jon Pertwee, govern on the left? Act like a Liberal to stay in power? I thought that Harper had a hidden agenda as an extreme right-winger? You Liberals have to get your attack lines straight, man.

        • Jon Pertwee

          @Earl G, sorry it was those scented candles you got me from Pier One.

  • billg

    Problem is, for now at least, left leaning govts are out of money and social programs to entice voters, country’s and states and provinces from around the globe are finding out that sooner or later you can only spend what you have…spin it any way you want, and, it may be unfair to Liberals and Ignatief but, Harper’s not scary anymore, and, your out of tax dollars to spend. Harper has outflanked the left and, the right supporters are willing to support this Prime Minister only because he’s not Liberal, not because he’s a Conservative. Sounds like years of Chretien and his Conservative finance minister.

    • TofKW

      @billg, “Harper’s not scary anymore, and, your out of tax dollars to spend.”

      In a structural deficit before a penny of EAP money was spent, 16 billion (more like 21 billion) for the F-35s, 2 billion for superjails that won’t lower crime, 1 billion for a weekend photo-op. Damn straight we’re out of money …which is precisely why Harper is scary.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @billg, “Problem is, for now at least, left leaning govts are out of money and social programs to entice voters” .. that theory doesnt explain Spendathon Harper one iota nor does it make a bit of sense.

      • Redrum

        @Jon Pertwee, unfortunately, that Bill of Goods that billg is (sort of) describing & that Harper’s sold us does make sense, and has been proceeding according to plan:

        as Harper pointed out to Mansbridge tonight, he still counts himself as a Conservative because he cuts taxes. So he’s a Borrow & Spend gov’t: he’s cut the GST & is chopping away at corporate taxes, and spending like there’s no tomorrow, and doing nothing about the environment, offloading all the costs to future generations & govt’s.

        And he’s counting on the Libs. being what he was not: fiscally responsible, and thus unwilling to bring in new big-ticket programs that’d compound the problem — i.e., the interest — on the huge new deficit he’s racked up.

        So he’s tied one arm behind our back as far as promising the new programs we’d like to, like universal daycare & pharmacare, unless we’re prepared to 1) LIE about what we’d do (never run a deficit, in his case; not bring in any new programs costing over about $1-B a year, in ours); and, 2) go ahead & mortgage our children’s future, once we won based on those lies, like he’s just done.

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