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The cult of personality

I read Jeffery Simpson’s column today on Prime Minister Harper meddling with the honours system, and this rather egotistical move kind of had me remembering a story I’d read a couple of years ago about Harper doing another ego-maniac stunt. Google is a great thing, and I found what it was – the portrait story, titled, The Cult of Harper:

..Harper, as boss, who now has a makeup artist on retainer, a hostile stance to the media, and whose attention to shallow political optics is so acute that he rarely appears in public without backdrops and props. Most incredulous, for those who knew the more low-key, rather humble Harper, there’s the bizarre photo gallery that has recently come to grace the government lobby in the Commons – pictures of the Prime Minister in various action poses, replacing all the old photos of former prime ministers.

This story is just a continuation of that story from a couple of years ago.. and it reminds me of this song from the late 80’s:


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