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Our new Environment Minister – worse then his predecessors?

That would be rather hard to do in this government, as the Conservatives have gone out of their way to show nothing but disdain for this Ministry (and the Environment in general), but Peter Kent, newly appointed Environment Minister, is indicating he will be trying his best to do so. Not surprisingly, the Tarsands is where it appears Kent is backtracking.

For all their shortcomings, at least Jim Prentice and even John Baird indicated they accepted that there was pollution concerns going on downstream from areas of the Tarsands. Baird even accepted a scientific report and study saying so just before Christmas. If you read Laura Payton’s online report at Eye On The Hill, that appears to have suddenly changed now with Kent:

In a CBC interview last week, Kent seemed to step back from his predecessor Jim Prentice’s concerns about pollution in the Athabasca River…Months later, in accepting the panel’s recommendations, interim environment minister John Baird repeatedly said everyone – federal and provincial governments and industry – needs to “step up our game.” But in the CBC interview, Kent said there’s no evidence the oilsands are polluting the river. He went as far as to say Schindler is wrong (despite his research having been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal).

How does Kent know the panel and the specific scientist is wrong? Good question. If you read the article, however, and look around online at other articles on this topic, it appears Mr. Kent is parroting what one Ezra Levant has been trumpeting around about the Tarsands – this ‘ethical oil’ nonsense. Perhaps Kent took his lead from Levant and decreed that the scientists screwed up their research. It wouldn’t be the first time that this Conservative government ignored fact-based research and went ahead with the opposite policy based on their ideology – particularly as it deals with the Environment and the Tarsands.


2 comments to Our new Environment Minister – worse then his predecessors?

  • LMA

    Unfortunately, our political leaders are still living in the fossil fuel past, and Canada continues to lag behind in the global shift to renewables which is already underway. The more our government tries to minimize the contribution of Tar Sands oil to AGW and air/water pollution, the more foolish we look as a country. Peter Kent can babble on all he wants, he can’t deny the reality of climate change.

  • ck

    Anyone catch Question Period yesterday? The way Craig Oliver was questioning Kent, he made Kent look like the Harpercon environment minister’s primary job description is securing votes in the 905 and 416.

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