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TSN sure stopped going to 24 Sussex Drive once Canada collapsed.

So unless you’ve hidden under a rock for the past week, or aren’t a hockey fan, you’ll know that Canada’s Junior National hockey team suffered an epic 3rd period collapse last night to Russia, in losing the gold medal game.

You’ll also note that TSN (and its corporate owners/partners at CTV) decided beforehand they were going to show Prime Minister Harper watching the game, conveniently dressed up in a Team Canada jersey – a repeat of what TSN/TV decided to do for the Winter Olympic last year. I don’t know whose idea it was to do this, but for me, it was rather irritating – not just because I dislike Harper, and because I think he did this in a blatant attempt to potentially gain favoritism amongst the Canadian electorate, but because I think it’s attempting to mix sports and politics, and I highly disagree with the sports networks that think we need to show the PM cheering on every time Canada is in a hockey event, just because he is a hockey fan.

Whatever the case, TSN sure stopped panning to 24 Sussex rather quickly, once the Russian comeback was in full swing. They apparently only wanted to show Harper celebrating our anticipated victory, and not show his disbelief (as every other Canadian fan’s face showed) at our stunning loss.


55 comments to TSN sure stopped going to 24 Sussex Drive once Canada collapsed.

  • Stan


    You poor saps.

  • Earl G.

    You’re right! But luckily the vodka made it through for the celebration.

      • Earl G.

        @Redrum, The count prefers his cabbage rolls hot and his vodka cold, peasant.

        • Redrum

          if you say so, if that’s what you’ve been serving him @Earl’s, G.

          But since that _is_ peasant fare, I really doubt that’s what he’d been eating during the game, while vacationing at his family manor in the French Riviera. www +

          And you’re just sore ‘cuz he outranks you
          http + ://

          And ‘cuz doughboy Steve is just a plebe: to the mailroom born.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @Redrum, sort of a living proof for the theory that Conservatives dont understand comedy isn’t he?

        • Earl G.

          @Jon Pertwee, Grind those teeth any harder and you’ll need dentures, Jon. Here’s to hoping that Canada’s “Natural Governing Party” will once again eventually see 30% in the polls.

        • Jon Pertwee

          @Earl G, grind my teeth? Over a lame attempt at humour? Hardly.

  • Earl G.

    TSN’s cameras tried to enter Stornoway to film Ignatieff watching the game, but unfortunately the Stasi guards waiting outside blocked access to the Count. The cabbage roll and vodka delivery, however, made it inside safely.

    • Redrum

      @Earl Gray Teaparty, Dumbass. You stepped on your own (already stale & lame) joke: the Stasi were the secret police from post-WWII East Germany, not the pre-WWI, pre-Communist Russia you’re trying to link Iggy to. Don’t quit the day job: slinging fries.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Earl G., Cripes, Earl you are making Ridenrain seem like a paragon of wit and intelligence. Keep it up

  • Just out of curiosity, don’t you think that it would have been more advantageous to the Conservative Party to show the Prime Minister (in requisite hockey jersey) despairing a Russian comeback and showing his disbelief? Of course, this would have shown that he is actually in touch with the millions of Canadians who were doing the same thing, and who really wants that?

  • Mark R

    TSN would have panned over Iggy’s place, but then realized that it wouldn’t benefit the Liberal Party to show him cheering for the Russians.

  • James T Murphy

    NEWS FLASH!!! TSN was not showing Harper because he is a hockey fan. It’s because he is the Prime Minister of Canada, in case you have been out of the country the last 4 years. Remember they did show Jack Layton in the bar during the Olympics. You know, where he pushed the lady out of the way so he could get his face in the camera.

    • Redrum

      @James T Murphy, Funny, I don’t remember seeing or hearing about the PM when Canada played soccer in an International Women’s Football Tournament in Sao Paulo, Brazil a couple weeks ago. www +

      It isn’t just that the TSN stooped to doing a feed from the PM’s living room to pollute the airspace with partisan advertising during an amateur sports event, it’s that the PMO obviously went to the effort and managed to get them to do it solely for the amateur sports series that’s most watched by Canadians. Maybe if they keep doing it for every OTHER sport… soccer, football, rugby, cricket, ultimate, curling, swimming, blah blah, maybe we, too, will “stop throwing up in out mouth a bit” every time we see him on our TV screens trying to cut into other people’s efforts and glory.

      • Indiana Homez

        Dude, are you seriously playing the Woman’s Soccer card?

        Here are the facts Jack, all sports are not created equal!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I would be gravely concerned if our Prime Minister WAS watching Woman’s Soccer (or Woman’s Hockey) for that matter. That would definately make him one sick puppy.

        • Redrum

          @Indiana Homez, oh, so it IS because he was a hockey fan. Or because his red meat base is. And not because he’s the PM and wants to give his support to individual amateur athletes whoever they may be, without trying to ride their coattails and steal their spotlight.

  • Stan

    Lemme call the whaaaaaambulance!

  • Indiana Homez

    Yeah, and I hate country music; but that’s got nothing to do with me hating the Dixie Chix.

    And lets cut the the chase folks, we all know the Progressive ‘girly mans’ don’t like hockey anyways, so quit with the ‘I turned off the game’ crap, and the ‘don’t mix sports with politics’ crap. Sports have always been a part of politics, and MEN don’t turn-off hockey games for anything less than an emergency(or a nagging wife); but you ballet watching Pinkos Gleeks wouldn’t know that, would you?

    • Redrum

      @Indiana Homez, yeah, that’s right Indy: “real men” don’t turn off the TV for nothin’, which is why they become porky, asthmatic, hot-tempered bully-boys like Harper who couldn’t win a game of shinny against his 8-year-old kids… who wouldn’t want to play him anyway, since he’s such a sore loser.

      • Earl G.

        @Redrum, how would you know that Harper’s a sore loser? He whoops you every time. We’ll have to wait and see whether Iggy is a sore loser after the next election.

  • Stan


  • Bob

    You guys are pathetic… they probably couldn’t pan back to Stephen because he had thrown the coffee table through the TV. What should have TSN done? Panned to Iggy doing a crossword puzzle?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Bob, I would have paid money to see Stephen Harper throw the coffee table through the TV. Seriously, if you can get the footage…

  • Stan

    He must be doing a simply fantastic job if this is all you girlymen can find to bitch about!

    I love it.
    Ten more years!

  • I think it would have been political gold to pan to Harper swearing at the TV and chugging his rum and coke, just like every other Canadian was doing at the time.

  • chris

    They should have cut away to Jack Layton in a bar assaulting some woman who blocked his camera angles. Never get between Jack and a camera.

  • Kring

    Every and any day is a good day to be an irrational Harper hater.

  • Fred

    Brilliant political analysis. Explains everything you ever need to know about the “progressive” mind set.

  • Wes

    Harper-haters can find a new way to hate him every day, however lame and childish it may be.

    I throw up in my mouth every time I read this kind of crap, and remember, your boy, Iggy, would not have been cheering for the Canadians.

  • Earl G.

    Stop being losers. TSN would have shown Martin and Chretien in similar situations. It did many, many times with Chretien.

    • Redrum

      @Earl G., How does one say “Bullshit!” in Muppet-speak? They had more class than that. They’d make a congratulatory call — win or lose — at the end of the game, or be there in person & leave it to the broadcasters to decide if they ever wanted to cut to them or not… they wouldn’t try to turn the whole amateur international youth sport tournament final show into a free advertorial for the PM… or cut and run and desert the team when the tide turned.

      • Earl G.

        @Redrum, This must be a joke. Chretien, class?

        • Marie

          A lot more class then you apparently have Redrum and Harper as well.

        • Redrum

          @Marie, what, you’re offended that I cussed at & am counter-razzing Earl G. & co? they were dispatched here by the wicked queen of the west:

          www +

          (or was that “no class” meant for Earl G?)

        • Earl G.

          @Redrum, it was meant for you. And a very accurate assessment, I might add.

  • hockey fan

    What blew my mind was when TSN cut to their monster moment of the game in the third period just after the Ruskies tied the score. What did TSN show? A Canadian goal early in the game with Harper cheering. Tail wagging dog. For shame, TSN. For shame.

  • Earl G.

    Way to tackle the big issues, Scott.

    • Redrum

      @Earl G., izzat you, Statler? Or are you Waldorf? And thanks for your contribution to the political fabric — always appreciated.

  • Kev

    I often refer to CTV as the CPC’s in house broadcaster. I missed most of the game because when it became apparent that we were to be subjected to yet another intrusion of politics where it doesn’t belong by the CPC, I turned the set off.

  • Redrum

    Yeah, it sure reveals the cozy relationship b/w him & the TSN owners CTVglobemedia (they of the exclusive Xmas interview), that he could shanghai them into doing the feed for what was supposed to be another in his dubious & vainglorious Olympics-Queen-G20-UN Seat-Jr’s Hockey Champs- “I’m king of the world!” string.

    Too bad they apparently caved to it being solely on his terms. It might’ve been fun to see him morph from fuzzy sweater guy to beet-red angry guy before our very eyes as soon as things didn’t go his way. But — typical — he prorogued the broadcast. Yay, Team! Support the troops!

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