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Cabinet mini-shuffle means little

So we had a Conservative government Cabinet mini-shuffle yesterday, if you missed that exciting bit of news. And what does it mean? Not much, except optics to try and show the GTA how much Harper loves that region, so why not vote for him?

Otherwise, nothing earth shattering. Peter Kent gets put in as the new Environment Minister (Harper’s 5th in 5 years), which means he’ll be employed to use his former news broadcaster skills to shoo away criticism of Canada’s status as an international environmental pariah state… and to try and claim that we’re doing stuff to help the environment – really!

Julian Fantino does get into Cabinet as a junior Minister responsible for Seniors – meaning the Conservatives recognized what the rest of us did that Fantino is a potential powderkeg, so they gave him a Ministry which isn’t exactly the most important. I suspect his public pronouncements on what he’ll do to help Canada’s seniors is going to be along the lines of “Seniors need to support our plan of building more prisons to keep them safe.”


5 comments to Cabinet mini-shuffle means little

  • wilson

    ‘ they gave him (Fantino) a Ministry which isn’t exactly the most important’

    Seniors are very important to the CPC, they are part of our core. With pension reform on the agenda, Fantino will be front and center in the near future.

    The environment is an international portfolio, it isn’t about appeasing special interest groups nationally.
    That’s what the Libs tried to do, and where did it get you?

    • DvD

      @wilson, Uh-huh. So ‘Minister of State (Seniors)’ is NOT a junior portfolio in Cabinet, then? Even though it’s not actually a full-fledged ministry, and its last rep. was most recently ranked 28th out of 35 in the “pecking order” of ‘who’s in charge if the leader(s) are incapacitated’?

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      • wilson

        Where did I say it was not a junior portfolio?
        Seniors are important to our party, period.

        And why, with 142 MPs to choose from, with dozens of CPC MPs having a decade of experience in Parliament, would PMSH appoint a newbee to a senior portfolio?

        Sour grapes, eh, the Liberals tried to lure Fantino into their camp,
        but what could they offer him? A seat behind the Magical Bus driver….

        • DvD

          @wilson, no, no sour grapes: you can have him. You’re welcome to him. We thought he looked good on paper, until he opened his mouth, which is why there was “a mutual decision” that he not run for us. But judging by the sour expression on his face yesterday, I don’t think he shares your “Put A Brave Face On It” opinion that helping seniors deal with the bureaucracy (which is all that mini-Dep’t seems to do) seems very important to HIM.

  • ck

    “Seniors need to support our plan of building more prisons to keep them safe.”


    That’s exactly what he’ll do! Bet he’s really disappointed. Somehow, I think he really thought he would get Super Toews’ job and there was a rumour that ol’ Vic was not run for re-election. Again, wait and see.

    Any bets how long Fantino will last in his new career? My money is on under a year?

    When asked by the media whether any of Harper’s MPs were not running for re-election, he kept mum…

    As for Kent, if he hasn’t already, he will surely be saying to himself, “I liked my old junior ministry! Please put me back there!”

    Environment, he will find, won’t be suitable portfolio under a king who prefers to do absolutely sweet F-all about climate change; probably a climate change denier himself; all he has to do is ask Jim Prentice.

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