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Happy New Year to all (except the Harper Government)

Welcome to 2011, and welcome back to reading this humble blog here. I had a good Christmas, but the rest of my holiday time up to the past couple of days was a bit of a bust, being sick with flu or cold, or both. Of course, it’s cleared up in time for me to get back to work, so I suppose economic productivity will be up.

As for New Year Resolutions, I only have two. My first is to resolve to remain kind to others – particularly those less fortunate then I – and do something to be able to help them out, even in a small way. The second resolution is to do everything within my power to defeat the Harper government – be that in small ways on here, or in aiding others with the same like-minded goal.

Speaking of that, I see Harper may be doing a “minor” Cabinet shuffle, and if rumours are true, Julian Fantino may be getting a “new” Cabinet position to presumably give him a better platform on decrying how the Charter of Rights coddles criminals, and the Liberal Party and other political parties with it.

I say hooray, if that’s true, as I think Fantino being put in the spotlight aids the opposition. If he does get put in that role, or some other role, the plan should be to try and bait him every single day – he’s bound to blow up sooner or later.


3 comments to Happy New Year to all (except the Harper Government)

  • Tomm

    Fantino isn’t any more frightening than Hedy Fry, or Wayne Easter.

    Perhaps, if you disagree you might consider the Liberals releasing what their cabinet would look like, so the average citizen could compare the two. Right now it is just the Liberal’s throwing stones at this Cabinet (e.g. too few women, too few minorities, too many parrots, too many Christian’s, too few brain cells, etc.).

    If the public saw the Liberal offering as a direct comparison, perhaps they would think it was a stronger team. For example, I think we can all agree that Scott Brison would make a strong cabinet minister. Would he be the Liberal Finance Minister?

    • Redrum

      @Tomm, why, that’s simply brilliant… if only they’d do something like, I don’t know, create a ‘Shadow’ Cabinet, then maybe they’d display the talent on their bench in the manner you suggest. I’ll be sure to relay that to HQ ASAP!

      Oh, wait, it seems, like every Opposition Party for decades, now, they’ve already been doing that. Here’s that roster you asked for: www +

  • ck

    I think Kady O’Malley was on to something. She says he’ll have some newly created minister of state for some tough on crime or victims of crime thingey, where he will have no responsibilities and all he has to do is show up to have his picture taken. I realize that a cabinet post was more than likely promised to him for running as a Harpercon, but given all the trouble they went to to keep him muzzled and all that babysitting, as well as his recent whinings about how the big Bad liberals are like Hitler and basically, ‘made his life misearble’. You honestly think he’d get a senior cabinet post where he might actually have to go on the big tv screen to, uh, actually speak, as well as on radio? Can you imagine him on a show like Question Period with Craig Oliver asking his usual tough questions and some MP from the Liberals goes interrupting him? Doesn’t make for a pretty picture. A fun and entertaining picture; but not pretty.

    All that to say, count on the Harpercons to keep Fantino muzzled and hidden

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