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Canada’s national security is at stake on Tommy Douglas files?

Really? That’s the reason for the RCMP and the government trying to justify withholding the public release of the secret RCMP spying dossier on Tommy Douglas?

I expect to see modern day issues attempted to be hidden away from the public using this reason as justification (ie. detainees in Afghanistan). I don’t expect it for the Father of Medicare who’s been dead for 25 years. Release the files. The RCMP has far more recent reasons to be embarrassed about how it acts. Spying on a democratic socialist politician from 60 years ago should be down the totem pole on it’s list of things to be ashamed about.


4 comments to Canada’s national security is at stake on Tommy Douglas files?

  • rsj

    yes our national security is at stake because it can probably be inferred from the file that we did not do this of our own initiative

  • 😀 good one Lance! On the other hand as far as I know some of the countries keep their records secret for 100 years or so. Although I have to admit that in some cases – such as this one – the official rules may get rather ridiculous over time…

  • AlisonS

    You are assuming that the RCMP knows the meaning of shame; embarrassment is more like it.

  • Lance

    Well, there is always Julian Assange…..right?

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