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Right.. there is absolutely NO coincidence here.. move along.

I believe in coincidences… but I have trouble believing THIS was a coincidence:

The Liberal who lost to Conservative Julian Fantino in the Vaughan federal by-election says he was fired from his position as chair of the regional hospital board as political payback. “This is a real kick in the teeth,” Tony Genco told the Star of his firing from the volunteer position early Monday. “It’s bizarre to me, but they’ve decided I’ve become a political liability. I feel humiliated.”

The board of York Central Hospital is working to expand health service in the area with a new hospital in Vaughan. Fantino embraced the issue during the campaign, making the fight for federal infrastructure dollars for the hospital a central plank in his platform. Genco says he believes the board wants him out to facilitate relations over the new hospital with Fantino and the Conservative government. Genco lost by about 1,000 votes in the Nov. 29 vote, after a rough and often personal campaign.

The hospital board of course denies this action has ANYTHING to do with the political result, and it didn’t influence their decision. Right. (Note there are Fantino supporters who campaigned for Fantino still on this board, if they’re so worried about political campaigning. Are those folks going to be relieved of their duties too? Not bloody likely).

This is a very vindictive government, and Fantino is a very vindictive man.. so you’re not going to convince me that mere weeks after this byelection, that this is a mere coincidence the hospital board decides to ditch their chair. They should be ashamed of themselves.


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  • Redrum

    BTW, I doubt that Fantino or even the PMO had anything to do with that decision, directly, but the more bothersome thing for ‘real’ Conservatives (if there are any of them left out there) is the underlying Pork-For-Votes theme Genco’s pointed to, and which Fantino didn’t deny (when given the chance, today):

    that in return for electing him, the riding can expect a shiny new hospital, even tho’, um, health is a provincial responsibility.

    So, what, will every swing riding get a hospital, or an arena, or a stadium etc. etc. if they switch? Sheesh, bastions of fiscal responsibility, indeed.

  • Josh

    The board advised Genco in late October to take a leave of absence for the campaign. Palozzi said it wouldn’t have been appropriate to tell Genco he couldn’t run if he expected to remain board chair.

    Genco made a plea to stay on to the board early Monday morning. He said he talked about his commitment, as well as his achievements.

    But, in a letter to Genco later that day, Palozzi wrote: “As you know, the board has been discussing the appropriateness of your continuation as board chair . . . (and has) conducted a number of special board meetings during your leave of absence to deliberate this issue from a process and decision-making perspective.”–defeated-liberal-calls-hospital-ouster-a-kick-in-the-teeth


    So………the decision to remove Genco from this position was being made LONG before the outcome in Vaughan was decided and was done during his leave. So win or lose, to avoid any potential partisan issues, he should have been gone as chair anyway. It is not as if he still can’t be a member of the board.

    One more Liberal mongered “scandal” falls by the wayside, along with all the others.

    • Redrum

      @Josh, so then, Mr. Swift Uptake (Only took you, what, 3 readings and 5 hours to grasp the full facts?), how ’bout this, then:

      Shall Scott initiate a full search to determine your identity and inform and advise your employer (and/or club, or team, or anything you might be doing in the community in a semi-public capacity) to dismiss you for clearly being partisan, even though the employer may not have thought it “appropriate” to inform you advance that you could lose your position over that?

      • Jon Pertwee

        @Redrum, Im pretty sure Josh’s employer will probably sack him for incompetence or private surfing during work hours. It would be for working hard that’s for sure.

  • CanadianSense

    Liberals spend balance of 2009-2010 calling Conservative led government “spending like drunken sailors”?

    Liberals suggest May 2009 balance 2010 complaining too small, to slow, stimulus is based on favouritism without actual proof. Smitherman, Parrish refute them? AG reports shows civil servants did a bang up job no rules broken on EAP?

    Hospital board accepts Liberal talking points the the Conservatives are spending like drunken sailors and show favouritism in own riding and wants to hop on the “gravy train”?

    or is the board worried after witness the nasty politics in Vaughan would be a distraction for the Chair? Did you expect Tony Genco to keep his post if he had won the race?
    Why were no other “star” Liberals available to run in a safe seat that returned Maurizio to pubic office with a healthy margin?

  • Of course, these kinds of acts are perfectly acceptable in dictatorships and communist countries. It goes back to Harper’s cooing of a Bushian line: ‘You’re with us or against us.’
    Genco’s axing is just one tiny cut, but it probably is more about putting the fear of Harper in anyone who thinks they can stand up for their own principles and not pay the exulted ze leader’s price.
    I’ll proudly stand against them. The stink that’s haunting Josh and ridenrain et al won’t come off very easily. The next go around, they’ll have to explain to their kin why they threw away their principles and values to dance behind a naked emperor.

  • ridenrain

    Maybe he can get a job at the CBC.

  • Gayle

    So a man is fired from his job, not because of his performance but because the government of the day does not like the fact he opposed them, and Josh here thinks that is “no big deal”.

    Let’s see, when Josh loses his livelihood because he is a conservative does anyone think he will be yawning?

    But seriously Scott, Josh may be right. No one may care. I suggest you stop posting stories that make the conservatives look bad since people like Josh are so clearly bored by it all.

    • Josh

      I’m more bemused by this story than because of any sense of boredom.

      So a Liberal loses his job, and it’s because he says he is a Liberal that everyone should care.

      People won’t, regardless how much you bleat.

      • Gayle

        @Josh, Sigh…

        Josh, I understand you come from the “we do not care about the people, we care about how to benefit the party” school of things we should pay attention to, but the over 60% of us who do not identify as conservatives might actually have an interest in a story, even IF said story does not change the fortunes of any political party.

        Your attempt to dismiss this as something no one should talk about because no one will care about is kind of transparent. This actually makes the conservatives look like a spiteful bunch. I can see why you would not want this story passed around.

        ha ha ha

        • Josh

          So pass it around, yap about it until the cows come how, knock yourself out. Then perhaps you can convince yourself that this story is actually going to contribute to Tory destruction like the rest of the “scandals” that Liberals have been flaming for the last 4 years, that people who are not otherwise as engaged by politics will care that some poor Liberal soul lost his volunteer position.

        • Josh

          Lets see, that is twice now you’ve referred to me as a Tory. Where did I say that I was one? Oh yeah, I didn’t.

          Nice try, Gayle.

        • Gayle

          @Josh, Who cares if you are a conservative (and I am guessing you are since only conservatives call this incarnation of conservatism “tory”, but I digress). The point is your overly partisan world view dictates that you must look at this issue ONLY as how it may benefit, or detract from, a political party.

          See, the only one suggesting this story has anything to do with conservative party fortunes is you.

  • Josh

    Wah wah wah. A one day story (if that), like all the rest. No one will care.


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