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There’s partisanship.. and then..

I was on Facebook and I saw my Liberal blogging colleague Jeff Jedras responding to a “critique” of a National Post article he did on the HST (and what he feels the BC Liberals should do with it under a new leader) by a Conservative blogger named BC Blue. If you don’t know about BC Blue, you aren’t missing much – just think: Conservative, regurgitation and parrot, and that sums up BC Blue in a nutshell when he leaves comments at his own blog or at the Macleans comment section. I do love the idea put forth by this fellow that apparently Jeff is dragging the Post’s journalistic standards down (by being given a platform on the online section of the paper, no less)

News for you, BC Blue: Jeff is twice the writer that MacNair or Sherlock Holmes wanna-be Steve Janke is. If anything, he’s the only reason that the Full Comment section is even given a 2nd look by me.. other then to see something from the other writers to amuse me. Of course, your stuff is pretty amusing when I see it on Macleans or now on your own blog, so I may not have to read Full Comment to get my humour for the day.

(Jeff’s article is also at his blog)

UPDATE: Courtesy of Jymn in the comments section, I see BC Blue is the Blogging Tory featured at the Blogging Tories In Their Own Words blog today. Nothing “extreme” there today.. just some humorous spin on his part.


3 comments to There’s partisanship.. and then..

  • Redrum

    interesting… the info from that ‘In their own words’ post (3rd place & 2/3rds of winner’s votes = “narrowly defeated”?) gives his name, which, when googled, leads to posts like this, which reveal not only how, um, impolitic & self-defeating he is (hoof in mouth disease), but also that he used to work for Emperor Palpatine / / Darth Sidious / Doug Finley (which is where he still gets his death star instincts & talking points from)

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  • Jon Pertwee

    Jeebus, like BC Blue ever had an original idea in his head. Hell his scsi cable is still hooked to the CPC network. Yes scsi cable, he is that kind of old technology.

  • BC Blue is featured in ‘Blogging Tories in Their Own Words’ today.

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