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Why not?

If Harper wants to do what is rumoured over here, first, if I’m the Liberals and other opposition parties, I’d make noise to the media long and ad nauseam about how this is not a government bill dealing about money or supply, and the government has no business declaring it a non-confidence bill. If they do so, throwing the country to an election is their (unnecessary) doing. Secondly, I’d be stating despite this declaration of the bill being non-confidence, the bill needs modifications, and if Harper and company want to either ram it down the opposition parties throat, or force an election over it, then so be it on the 2nd part if Harper chooses that route.


3 comments to Why not?

  • Derek

    I think speculating on upcoming elections is a bit of a trivial pursuit, whenever it happens it happens.

    At this time, it might help Harper gain a few more seats by calling an election during the winter months, as voters are loath to head out into the cold to observe their fundamental rights. More so for the apathetic youth vote that really should be viewed as a unpredictable value in any election if participation yields were to somehow go up. Obviously, it helps to prepare for the eventual event by producing currents of desired change and policies that reflect this desired change. As it stands, I do not think the Liberal party has been able to create sufficient interest in its policies, despite Harper and the CPC’s ongoing challenges to the system to warrant positive gains in the event of an election. If nothing more, the Liberals may stand to gain some seats out of a lack of confidence in Harper’s form of governance as there are many issues to which the CPC could be threatened on if ever the opposition chose to challenge their faults.

    I would hope their would be a renewed interest into exploiting Harper’s favouring of the “Benign Dictatorship” policy platform as it should still be viewed as a toxic, even threatening, piece of insight into our Prime Minister’s view towards democracy and what we are now, quickly observing, as its inexorably slow erosion. A Canadian Prime Minister should value the inherent rights of its citizens to choose who they wish to elect, at present, we are governed by the Chairman of the Board.

    Just how I see it these days.

  • Maybe. But Harper has done this previously over and over again to no ill effect electorally.

    I really think most Canadians have no idea what this means. This is something concerns the “chattering classes” and no one else.

    Do you ever spend time talking to people who don’t follow politics? Depressing. They know nothing. “Gravy train!” “G20? There were rioters everywhere! The police had no choice.” “Conservatives are better economic managers.” And so on…

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