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Media irony

The media have often complained about the little to no press access they are given to Prime Minister Harper to ask him questions – and rightly so. I therefore find it extremely ironic that when they are allowed into a Conservative Party function, and see Harper hamming it up, virtually all of them declare this to be a major story and blare it across the land as something newsworthy.

That’s not taking anything away from Harper or his handlers; the fact they can play the media like a fiddle and get some propaganda out there to try to show Harper is actually a lovable guy who cuddles kittens, plays the piano and can even sing a bit is what they’re paid to do, and they’re doing it well. It’s the media who aren’t doing what they’re paid to do, which is to report news, not blare some Conservative propaganda, as if they’re grateful for having something to report on the Prime Minister. I know this part of the year is slow for political news at times, but c’mon folks, recognize media manipulation when it pops up, and don’t have such short-term memory over your complaints of not being able to ask this PM or its government tough questions.


11 comments to Media irony

  • Stan

    Dion named his dog Kyoto to save the planet and the media gushed about it for weeks.
    Whether it actually helped save the plane is up for debate of course…..

    • Redrum

      @Stan, at least Kyoto was house-trained, unlike you con-bots who keep coming to Lib- & Prog- Blogs to piddle all over the rugs. Bad bots! Go home!

  • Redrum

    Correction/renovation of the cliche: the PMO plays the media like a _piano_, in the same way that the PM himself “tickles the ivories”:

    viz., “plays it informally, rather than professionally [read: leaks] or in a full concert” [read: no mutual agreement or cooperation; controlled & manipulated], and… tends to hit the dark notes.

  • ridenrain

    Bark, bark bark..
    I’m sure if he botched it, the media would be praised for being there. More gotcha media from our ub-biased media.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, crybaby. Ridofbrain is just another delusional rightie crybaby. Suck it up babybrain!

      • ridenrain

        Never on topic, always the personal attacks.
        So classy.

        • Jon Pertwee

          @ridenrain, thanks ridofbrain. You never be able to do anything but recite talking points or make smart ass cracks so what’s the diff?

          Oh you are trying the overly tired Conbot moral role. Please ridofbrain, it never worked for CS, bocanut or any other smartass troll.

          You really should start wearing that helmet.

        • Jon Pertwee

          @ridenrain, as for never on topic well I think you are looking for Klik. I guess I cant be like you Bill, always able to deliver the talking point fresh from your inbox to the CPC appointed list of blogs you respond to. Keep up the good work comrade, maybe they’ll give you an office with a window, or a helmet.

  • Tom

    I remember Ignatief dancing with old ladies and riding a bicycle for the media, who, of course, featured it. That’s what the media does, or is your point that they featured Harper doing something fun?

    • ck

      slight difference Tom. Iggy was actually out with the mere mortals when he was dancing with those old ladies and out riding his bike, instead of hiding inside an ivory tower as Steve does all the time.

      Oh, Steve doing “Sweet Caroline” to a polka rhythm; singing those lyrics as Neil Diamond had before him: “Touchin’ one. Reachin’ out. Touchin’ me. Touchin’ you.” That was just creepy!! Yuck!!

      I am trusting that some of our talented progressive bloggers will be creating their videos of this…What a freak show!

  • […] ears. This wasn’t a hidden talent on display, this was something no one should have to endure.Scott’s Diatribe whines about the media coverage:..the fact [Harper's handlers] can play the media like a fiddle and get some propaganda out there to […]

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