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Bruce Mcdonald 1958-2010

Bruce blogged at at Canuck Attitude. I have just heard this evening that he passed away last week, according to his family at his Facebook page.

There are some tributes being left on the page, and I encourage you to leave something there if you feel so compelled. His family members say there is some tribute of some sort being planned for this upcoming Friday (Dec 10).

I’ll say here what I said at his Facebook page, and at the Progressive Bloggers website: I’ve met Bruce at a Progressive Blogger event or 2. I found him to be a real funny guy, very intelligent, very passionate. and a prolific and excellent write. He was also a tad blunt and a bit coarse at times, but that was how he got his points across.

I’m sorry to hear the news, and I’d like to convey my deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

RIP Bruce.

UPDATE: I just thought I’d also mention Bruce & his blog weren’t one of the original founding blogs of Progressive Bloggers, but he was very close. The first blogs formed Progressive Bloggers in the last week of April, 2005. He joined a week and a bit later – May 7, 2005.

UPDATE 2: I’ve gotten some details of the memorial that’s been planned. If you’d like to go, and want the details, send me an email.


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