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All I want for Christmas… for the Conservatives to put Julian Fantino in Cabinet.

Given his auspicious media debut now that the muzzle is off of him, He’d be a virtual human highlight reel in Question Period.


3 comments to All I want for Christmas…

  • Redrum

    Pretty salty language, there, Mr. Enemabag… er, never mind; evidently that’s just your purpose in life, now — you can’t help it.

    Back to the subject, it’ll be interesting to see what Fantino has to say (if he’s allowed to) about the Cons’ secretly delaying the implementation of adding serial no’s to imported guns, yet again, to help the police track what countries the guns they seize from criminals or recover from crimes came from, and whether the importers are aiding & abetting & turning a blind eye to selling them to unlicensed, likely criminals.

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    The cops want it, obviously, to help curtail gun smuggling & black market gun sales & to speed up & broaden investigations; & the gun stores & manufacturers & criminals DON’T want it, obviously, so they can keep buying & selling & using unregistered guns with impunity (probably w. considerable mark-ups to ‘stay off the grid’); which leaves the gaping question: why in Hell WOULDN’T the gov’t want it?

    Sure, the extra serial no’s to be embossed may be an affront to & affect the resale value for the tiny minority of antique gun collectors, but there may be a way around that (e.g., to have the importers immediately register all the import data particulars this reg. wants w. whatever existing serial no’s there are, & to stay on the international database regardless of who acquires it next, or something), or maybe some exemptions can be made, but it shouldn’t be scrapped or delayed indefinitely just because of them, when the whole point of this is to try to figure out & put a stop to where the gangsters & gang-bangers are getting their guns from, which everybody, even the hunters & gun sportsmen professes to be in favour of…. except for the ones profitting from it, that is.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Would it really matter though, Scott?

    I’m starting to think Harper could take a crap on the Speaker’s Chair, and wipe his ass with the flag, and voters still wouldn’t give a tinker’s damn about parliamentary decorum.

    The worse it gets, the more Canadians seem to accept as normal.

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