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How does a conservative demonstrate his “manliness”?

They apparently do it by calling for an assassination. See Tom Flanagan proclaim this on CBC about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Forget those wimpy courts and rule of law and due process and the innocent til presumed guilty part – just use a drone to get the job done!

I note a pattern amongst conservatives where a lot of these “law and order” conservatives quickly forget about the “law” part.. and the “order” part for that matter. (By the way, if I were this blogger, I’d re-title the caption from What Has My Country Come To? and change it to ‘What Has My Country’s Conservatives come to? They’ve obviously caught the whacko bug from down south, but I don’t think it’s infected a majority of the country’s citizenry).

In another aside, this hysteria against Julian Assange and Wikileaks reminds me of those old spy thrillers like James Bond with the evil organizations bent on world domination/destruction. With some of the rhetoric they’re using, some world leaders and political figures seem to be equating Wikileaks to be similar to SPECTRE.

That’s not to say I endorse what Wikileaks or Assange has been doing.. but I think equating them to a terrorist organization or whatever is hyperbole. If they’ve done something wrong, prosecute them under due process. Furthermore, whether they are guilty of something or not, they certainly aren’t doing anything that warrants people calling for the assassination of their founder. Flanagan should be censured for his remarks.


28 comments to How does a conservative demonstrate his “manliness”?

  • Stan

    I guess you morons forgot about liberals calling for Harper’s death?

    • Redrum

      Dear Stan,
      I’m glad I inspire you
      but Stan, why are you so mad?
      Try to understand,
      that I do want you as a fan
      I just don’t want you to do some crazy shit
      ….Damn! Too late.

      (P.s., even if someone else said something stupid or dangerous before — and, no, I don’t remember or know what you’re talking about — doesn’t mean it’s okay if someone else does it later or that people should remain silent when they do. I.e., two wrongs don’t make a right, “moron.”)

    • @Stan, Do try to be a tad more polite when making your points.

  • Redrum

    Oops, he did it again. Update: so, a To. woman wrote Flanagan an email rebuke, saying “So you are in favour of assassinating people that you disagree with. Does the Reform Party have no ethical basis? Agree with us or get assassinated?”

    And Flanagan replied, with the rather chilling, “Better be careful, we know where you live.”

    More of his “humour,” no doubt. But the woman, who clearly didn’t think he was joking the first time, had no evidence of that, esp. since that’s ALL he wrote, and she was…. SPOOKED. SO she called the cops (and then the press, since the cops understandably had to say it didn’t clearly constitute a death threat).

    www +

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Redrum, Im not one for corporal punishment usually, but Flanigan sure needs a good hard smack. How many times will he taste the same foot before he learns?

      Wait.. Learning + Conservative = never mind.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Redrum, so will we ever get to send Flanagan the thug back to the US? He’s from there, maybe he should go back.

  • Thanks for linking the Coren article. Just read it, and I couldn’t agree more to his points.

    Liberals in the US/Canada don’t like Americans “hawks”, no kidding. Liberals are dangerous to democracy in the West as they march forward to bankrupt the US. Canada has escaped the poor decisions as Liberals were thrown out in 2006.

    Soft on crime Party of Downtown Toronto is against punish economic migrants. Liberals are too busy playing games flip flopping on Afghanistan and losing the F35 vote to the Bloc. Iggy thinks EXPO party at $ 2 billion is a good idea! Based on his 3rd place ranking at 15.5% (Nik Nanos) it should not be a big shocker.

    • Redrum

      @Klik, “Spam’s gelatinous glaze…forms from the cooling of meat stock.”

      • Jon Pertwee

        @Redrum, Klic’s still sore about being stood up at the high school dance by Iggy. Dangerous to democracy in the West probably means no slow dances for CS. Sad to see someone not get over a teenaged heartbreak.

        • Jon Pertwee

          @Redrum, found Klic flogging this blog post on other blogs recently

          She’s citing it as a reason to be CS on everyone and disrespect them whilst demanding respect. You know, the you disagree with me so you are responsible for all the evils sort of tripe she loves.

          And slightly disturbing. Lots of right wing between the lines calls for violence against people different then them. Its crazy and long winded:classic CS.

          And anything that cites fix bayonets is the sign of someone that needs some anger management.

          Its not freedom when you intimidate others CS.

        • Redrum

          @Jon Pertwee, yeah, I can see cognitive dissonance driving the spouse of someone actively serving in an unjust war leading them to such extremism, but what’s Senseless’ excuse?

          (and BTW, it _is_ spelled “k + (2 ltrs that are just shy of) + k” [not c]:
          www +

          BTW, there was a good column on the original topic by a TO. journalist Jeet Heer Friday in the Post, of all places: “The rebirth of assassination apologists”

          http + ://

        • Jon Pertwee

          @Redrum, interesting article. It really does boil the argument down to “at what point do you stand up and say that someone on your side is doing something wrong?” It’s unfortunate that Klik often resorts to blanket statements about the Liberals being the satan of the world… blah blah. Reading that article after seeing her cite it as almost a mantra to her stance on debate proves she’s just here to bully and intimidate: albeit poorly.

          I dont think that standing up against someone who has said or acted wrong is a partisan thing. I think it’s something that makes us better as a whole. Often she accuses others of doing worse such things when it is impossible for her to evaluate. Her extremism is quite unfounded and seems to be getting more extreme with each passing day.

          I’ve got friends of all political stripes and I dont think of any of them as being evil or destructive to the country because of their views. Its just an insulting, immature and unrealistic view of people. One of my most conservative friends shares a love of Indian food with me, and we’ve never tried to poison each other 🙂

          I just wish she’d get out and meet Canadians more. She might find we’re very different than what she reads and thinks.

  • No-Sense – you don’t even have a clue what you’re babbling on about. The supposed “leak” in the climate issue was a joke – a complete farce. The fact remains that climate change is real, and is the greatest “clear and present danger” to human civilization. That trogs like yourself don’t seem to get it through your thick Paleolithic skulls is frustrating, and quite rightly dangerous for humankind…

    • @WesternGrit, WG, I have no issue with your new AGW religion, just don’t ask me to pay for it. The left leaning media ignored the climate gate and cited privacy and stolen information. The opposite in true for the media and left leaning bloggers.

      The lack of principle or ethos is on display. Don’t worry I am confident in Cancun more seed money for your new coal plants in China/India will help reduce their carbon emissions.
      The UN is set again to channel billions of pounds of public money from rich countries to giant energy companies to build 20 heavily polluting coal-fired power plants on the basis that they will emit less carbon dioxide than older ones.
      All those unemployed steel workers in Hamilton should thank the NDP and Liberals for helping provide a lower cost of energy for steel producers.

      Companies are now exploring the idea of shipping shale gas from Pennsylvania to Ontario. Ontario, meanwhile, is running preliminary tests to determine the viability of its shale-gas deposits in areas such as Collingwood and southwestern parts of the province.

      Read more:

    • Redrum

      @WesternGrit, not surprisingly, Klik (=Cndn Spam) got her Tory talking point for the day from the “Set phasers on Stun”

      www +

  • Last month, Roshonara Choudhry was sentenced to life in prison [she must serve a minimum of 15 years] becoming the first person to have attempted an al-Qa’ida-inspired assassination of a public figure in the UK.

    Real danger vs lame joke.

    Thin skinned Liberals don’t like lame jokes try to create public outrage. Vaughan residents got the message and 9900 previous Maurizio supporter in 2008 shifted or stayed away from your guy.

    Liberals ignore the clear and present danger for smears and character assassination.

    • Redrum

      @BadPenny, another stunning display of bad faith (yeah, right, they were ‘jokin’), cognitive dissonance & hypocrisy (we’re the law & order party, except when our former comm. directors or COS’s engage in hate speech or utter death threats), & lack of insight on your part.

      First of all, “man up,” as Flanagan pretended to be in the first place: both he & Levant were serious in using their public status in a public forum to express their desire for this person to be killed for his alleged crime, even though they weren’t, of course, actually ORDERING a death fatwa on him like an Ayatollah, since neither one has any authority to do so. Your attempt to pass that off as a joke falls as flat as Flanagan’s, and is belied by your subsequently associating it with Al Queda internet-related stuff which genuinely put someone’s life at risk… as if to suggest that the WikiLeaks is doing the same and so should be cut off at the source.

      Second, you fail to see that the very case you cite there wasn’t some random act of terrorism: it involved someone wanting to assassinate an MP for their complicity in causing the death of thousands in an unjust war in Iraq over the lies about WMDs…

      and it’s those very lies, exaggerations, & cover-ups that have been used to justify & perpetrate the wars that has motivated Assange to release this stuff: to prevent more of those types of unjust wars & the spiral of radicalization & terrorism that keeps happening because of those dirty trick & black op foreign policy. (Maher writes about this today: http + :// )

      Third, you fail to understand that it’s precisely that type of knee-jerk bloody-minded response you Cons so reliably & slavishly display that the Al-Queda were counting on when they drew you into these stupid wars in the first place: you’ve been ‘gamed,’ or baited into the ‘Holy Wars’ which they wanted.

      http + ://

      Fourth, you try to change the channel with the Vaughan election with a shot at ‘thin-skinned’ _Liberals_ torquing up the rhetoric… the very day after Fantino goes boo-hooing to Jane Taber about how mean the Libs were to him complaining about his peek-a-boo campaign & comparing them to “Hitler” for their “character assassination.”

      www +

  • It is a shame how Liberals reacted inconsistently to the Wiki and Climate gate privacy breach.

    The anti-American sentiments over rides the political attack on Science.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @CanadianSense, Thanks for the spam CS. I guess you would have preferred Flanigan’s stance of assassination, at least till he got in the shitter for saying it.

      So what’s this story of Iggy jilting you in high school CS? It sure would explain alot.

      CS, Iggy’s high school ex. Explains the venom, instability and blanket statements.

  • Jon Pertwee

    Flanigan manly ha ha ha. Like a musty old man kind of manly

  • Redrum

    Not just Flanagan: the stinkin’ hypocrite (because he was such a drama queen about the metaphorical fatwa over his publishing the Mohammad cartoons) Ezra Levant did so, as well, in all the Sun papers:

    “WikiLeaks boss living on borrowed time”:

  • Northern PoV

    Ah yes, Canada’s Cons:
    following the great tradition of
    JW Booth
    LH Oswald
    T McViegh
    Osama BL
    Pol Pot

    And now for something … completely different:
    WikiLeaks: Clever PsyOps?

  • If I thought the US was doing much good in this world, I’d be bothered by these leaks. But I’m not.

    Of course Flanagan has a soft spot for Pinochet. He’s a Straussian, and believes people should be manipulated and enslaved so that prices can be free.

    • Marie

      Tom Flanagan deserves to be tared and feathered. What an idiot he is for saying he was being being manly, definitely not. It will take a lot more than calling for an assassination to be manly but that statement says a lot about him and that is that he definitely favors Dictatorial leadership and his admiration for Adolf Hitler. He really thought he was being funny, weird sense of stupidity.

      It will take a lot more than that feeble apology he said he made and BTW, I did watch him on CBC with Evan Solomon who should have said a lot more to him then what he did. Insult that bast*rd on Public Television and watch him squirm like the worm that he really is.

  • zia

    So much venom directed towards Julian Assange and the quality of this noise is evident when hardly a drop of it is landing upon the “treason” and “terrorism” of the publishers, reporters and typesetters of the Guardian, le Monde, el Pais, der Spiegel. And not one drone is on its way to NYC to blast the New York Times out of existence. And Canada’s own Scott Gilmour in the Globe and on the CBC shows us what Sarah Palin would look like if she wore a tie.

  • The Interpol warrant for Assange – on some other charges – are interesting, to say the least. I guess the “us vs. them” just got a little higher stakes when the perceived “them” looks a lot more like “us”… Never heard a ConBot-ReformaTory-NeoCon call for a “hit” on one of them when the “them” looks so much more like an “us”… ROFL…

  • Oh! Oh! Can I call for the assassination of people??? Please, oh pretty please! I won’t even try to ask if I can still be regarded as a serious, respectable commentator! (Like Flanagan imagines he’s still a respectable academic.) I just want to be an occasional national columnist who calls for the assassination of “conservatives” and doesn’t get arrested.

    Obviously, there’ll never be anything like that. We all know how it works.

  • briguyhfx

    “I wouldn’t feel unhappy if Assange disappeared.”

    I always suspected Flanagan had a soft spot in his heart for Pinochet’s Chile. This language only serves to confirm my suspicions.

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