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Environmental inaction and subterfuge.

For years, the Harper government has claimed we can’t do anything on lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions until the Americans do something on it, so we can “harmonize” the plan with theirs. That was seen by many as an excuse of Harper’s to do nothing, because he knew the Bush administration would do nothing, and he calculated Obama’s administration would not be able to pass anything with Republican obstructionism in the Congress.  He was correct on the second part, but Obama had a back-up plan, which apparently our Canadian government knew nothing about (when it’s been repeated for a few months that this is what would be done – I’ve seen it repeated over and over on US liberal blogs for months now), and now of course, when the US is implementing it, we don’t want to harmonize with them:

The Harper government has no plans to follow a U.S. initiative to slash the greenhouse gas emissions of big polluters — even though Ottawa has pledged to harmonize its climate policies with the Americans. The White House, stung by its failure to legislate a cap-and-trade bill before the recent congressional elections, has a Plan B set to be implemented within weeks. The new U.S. rules — passed by executive order — are aimed at curbing emissions from large industrial facilities like refineries and cement factories. They go into effect Jan. 2.

An associate director at the Pembina Institute said while the U.S. rules are weaker than a cap and trade system, they could be used to curtail emissions from Canada’s rapidly expanding oilsands…“That’s the source of the vast majority of the growth in our industrial greenhouse gas emissions in Canada,” Clare Demerse said of the oilpatch..”“How can you say you’re harmonized if you’re not even attempting to do this?”

Ah, the Tar Sands. (note I call them what they’ve been called for years and years, not the “Oil Sands”, which is what the Harper government and the oil companies started calling them in an attempt to de-stigmatize the name). Anything that remotely looks like an environmental regulation on them is immediately shot down – and that leads to the 2nd part of my blog title. Why, Canada’s even been going so far as to enlist US Oil Companies help by our diplomats to help kill any US environmental initatives that might affect the precious Tar Sands:

Canadian diplomats in Washington have quietly asked such oil-industry players as Exxon Mobil and BP to help “kill” U.S. global-warming policies in order to ensure that “the oil keeps a-flowing” from Alberta into the U.S. marketplace, Postmedia News has learned. In a series of newly released correspondence from Canada’s Washington embassy, the Canadian diplomats describe recommendations from Environment Canada to clean up the oilsands as “simply nutty,” proposing instead to “kill any interpretation” of U.S. energy legislation that would apply to the industry… Clare Demerse, the associate director of climate change at the Pembina Institute, said the government should remember that it works for Canadians, not the oil companies.

“A responsible government would see clean energy policies outside our borders as an opportunity to do better, not as a threat,” Demerse said. “Reading through these documents, I’m struck that no one at Foreign Affairs ever acknowledges that cutting greenhouse-gas pollution could be a good thing. Instead, the officials dismiss U.S. efforts to clean up the fuel they buy as ‘protectionism.’ “

That revelation that our government is quietly involved in trying to scuttle another country’s environmental initiatives by colluding with US Big Oil is probably a bigger revelation then anything Wikileaks might say about Canada this upcoming Thursday. There will be outrage here over Wikileaks revelations that the US is spying on it’s allies, but Canada hardly has any grounds for complaint, when we’re busy meddling behind the scenes in their domestic affairs on environmental policy.


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  • LMA

    CS, nothing that you say is relevant to the topic of this excellent post which is the fact that the Cons are using our taxpayer dollars to lobby for Big Oil to “keep the oil a’flowing”. If you want to talk about organized crime, why don’t you talk about Harper and his gang?

    • @LMA, I am glad you did not bother to refute the FACTS but simply dismiss the post. The blind faith of alarmists is responsible for the failures at COP15 and soon to be Cancun. Taxpayers are not interested in your wealth redistribution programs masquerading as environmentalism.

      I would support Ontario, Quebec banning oil from despots and dictators. Contact the Liberal Premiers to buy only ethical oil.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @CanadianSense, You didn’t cite anything CanadianSpam. That means you supplied no facts. Really CS, after all the BS you spray around you’d think your game would improve, but it isnt.

  • LMA

    Our major media outlets may be ignoring this despicable lobbying for big oil on the part of federal officials, but there are condemnations today on both and Greenpeace has set up a tip line for federal civil servants to make public behind-the-scenes lobbying. Why on earth aren’t our Opposition parties screaming bloody murder about the Cons effort to promote the Tar Sands and undermine climate change policies in the U.S. and Europe? Isn’t that their job?

    • @LMA, The major media outlets are in the tank of the Green $$ lobbyists and special interest. Most of them ignored Climategate for weeks.

      The Big Money is from Government pushing the Green Agenda. Google “organized crime Europe Carbon Markets”. A $ 10 million dollar grant is not being renewed and a Canadian Green tank is closing shop. Without tax dollars the Green lobby is failing.

      Voters rejected Green Shift in 2008. Voters in Canada did not elect a Socialist government. Bill C 311 was a reckless bill adopted by the Liberals in order to steal some NDP votes by veering left as they always do in opposition.

      Voters are turning away from long held incumbents in WPG-North and Vaughan. They sent local candidates that have been active in their community. Both Jack and Michael took a thumping on Monday.

  • Frankly Canadian

    Great post Scott! I wish our major media outlets would get behind a story like this and show our government for what it is – absolutely obstructive! From reneging on our global Kyoto commitments after Canada signed a binding document, to obstructing activities at the Copenhagen Climate Conference and try to tell Canadians that the talks were successful, to now this taking part in interfering with United States legislation. This Harper government needs to be exposed for what the are, puppets of big business and especially big oil companies. There will always be people like B.S. (sorry C.S. Canadian Sense) who make excuses for these Conservative hacks but surely the majority of Canadian must wake up, this Conservative government is ruining our good Canadian reputations. Again great post Scott and thanks for letting me rant.

    • @Frankly Canadian, If you can refute the FACTS instead of calling them BS I would gladly retract any part of my post. I look forward to your links and proof.

      Canada is not a major emitter in Co2 emissions and was not a FACTOR in the refusal by BRIC countries to sign mandatory targets. It is not my personal opinion but common knowledge based on geopolitics.

      I am impressed you believe our PM is capable of stopping the Obama with Democratic majorities in Senate/Congress at COP15, China, India, Russia, Brazil from cooperating on signing a deal.

      The personal insults do not change the facts in my post. Without tax payer funding the alarmists are losing jobs and closing shop in Canada. The Chicago Carbon Exchange collapsed. I look forward to subpoenas from the republican in the US in 2011.

      Ottmar Edenhofer, co-chairman of the IPCC’s third working group, recently stated flat out: “One must say clearly that we redistribute de facto
      the world’s wealth by climate policy…. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy.”

      Read more:

  • The Democrats had the Majority in Congress until mid-terms? (Four Years)
    The Democrats have the Majority in Senate still?
    The W.H. changed hands from Democrats to Republicans?
    Must have missed that event.

    FYI: Liberals have won more Fossil Awards. (Liberals should NEVER bring up the file on the Environment)
    Reality Liberals sat on hands for 13 years, ran some CBC spots. (two ton challenge) Ignatieff called out Dion in 2006 in Montreal. Even with record surpluses Co2 emissions went up with Liberal majorities and no deficit on books. They just ignored the Kyoto Protocol after signing it.

    Reminds me of the Chalk River Facility replacement: Maple Three reactors that were to be online in 2000. Liberals failed to make investments in the future.

    I admire the Liberals for adopting another NDP policy in effort to steal support for people who actually show up to vote. The Bloc would have no problem with shutting down the resource based economy in the west as they have no ethical problem with buying oil from despots, dictators in Middle East and Africa. Heck QC has a pattern of securing the best deals and blocking progress in other provinces.

    The Liberals are willing to sell out the West and Atlantic Canada is no shocker.

    Canada is responsible for 2% of global Co2. The US and China account for over 40% and the “left” are unable to get the largest Co2 emitters to set any MANDATORY targets.

    The use of public money to fund the junk science is coming to an end.

    The gravy train in Europe for subsidies is coming to an end as job losses and deficit destroy the green jobs myth.

    Blame Bush-Harper in 2010-2011 is cute.

    At least McGuinty signed a deal with Samsung for 7 Billion, passed the Green Energy Act and will provide many special interest groups with jacked up profits over the spot price of hydro for 20 years. Don’t worry votes won’t punish dad for hydro rates increases of 46% in five years.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @CanadianSense, blah blah blah from the ChristmasCrackpot…. I guess this thread has been Canadiansensed early

      • Redrum

        @Jon Pertwee, yeah, what’s that kliking noise and the musky odour? oh yeah, Con.A.T.N. Scent keeps returning to stick her praying cards in the LibLogs’ spokes… klikety klak, the Oakville crackpot’s back.

  • the rat

    Yeah, Obama just couldn’t pass anything in the democratically controlled house and the filibuster-proof senate because of those darn Republicans. Speaking truth to power as long as the truth doesn’t hurt power you kinda like.

  • Good post, Scott. Clearly, the Harper bunch are working for and with big oil interests… and against Canadians.

  • Dman

    Thank you Scott for sharing this Proof Source… I find this information so incredibly revealing of what Sanctimonious Steve + his wrecking crew comrades are so busy doing … which prevents them from actually doing the Real Work they were elected by Canadians to do … that being to represent and advocate for OUR COLLEECTIVE BEST INTERESTS !!!

  • Pamela Allard

    Excellent Scott, thank you for shining a light on this despicable situation.

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