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More blog fodder for us.

So Sun TV finally got its applications approved. Some folks rejoiced (at least one who you might not expect), some folks  (sort of) lamented. Some folks said “bring it on”. Others shrugged and predicted it will soon be in the past tense.

Personally, since it doesn’t have any special exceptions with the approval that force cable to carry it, I say let the righties have their channel and see if they can make a go of it (and they better hope they can keep Levant and his commentary under control, else he may put the new station out of business on his own – wonder if George Soros is still going to file suit against the Sun Media chain, speaking of that?)

Personally, I think it will add plenty of blog fodder into the food chain for the rest of us. Heck, someone could probably start a Canadian version of Media Matters America up here and keep it thriving, based on what I expect will be on SunTV.


4 comments to More blog fodder for us.

  • I think you can take it as a given that the attempt to make this station mandatory is still going on, and will be pushed whenever the CRTC looks favourable for it.

  • The notion that it’ll be Fox News-ish betrays a misunderstanding of the way Canadian broadcast licensing works. There has to be a diversity of opinion. My participation is hopefully evidence of that.

    Will it be loud and controversial and all that? For sure. But that’s what good political TV needs to be, sometimes.

    Anyway. The ultimate judge of whether it’ll fly or not are average folks. They’ll decide!

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