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That’s a rather empty looking space at the Vaughan candidates debate.

Seems something is amiss tonight in Vaughan… or someone:

Julian Fantino MIA

Not to worry though; he’s been very busy practising his scripted lines the Prime Minister’s Office have made for him. I wonder how he – as someone who has been one not afraid to speak his mind whether you agreed with him or not – can manage to stomach that.  I guess if you want political power, you can tolerate playing hide and go seek with the voters.

Hopefully, enough Vaughan voters turn out who reject this democracy shortcut Fantino and the Conservatives under Harper and his strategists are attempting  (and turnout/GOTV operations are always very key in by-elections).

Tony Genco, the Liberal candidate is there, by the way. Follow this fellow in Twitter for his reports on what Tony and the other candidates who did decide that public debates are worth doing  are debating about.


14 comments to That’s a rather empty looking space at the Vaughan candidates debate.

  • I think that is the point. Not allowing Rev. Baxter to debate makes the organizers and any of the candidates who did not protest it complicit in the Harper party’s false claim to be the Conservatives, the Tory party. It is implicitly a threat to Canadian parliamentary democracy and Canada’s politics.

    The PC Party is the voice of Canadian Tory politics in the mainstream of Canadian life since Confederation. Harper’s party is not.

    What is more every candidate, regardless of party, deserves to be heard for the act of courage it takes to stand and have your voice be heard. Harper and Fantino tell you they lack that courage, that respect.

    Harper’s party wants you to think that we have returned to being able to vote Liberal or Tory or NDP, and that everyone else is just a token and a wasted vote. Doing so, they hope, will put off the day when Canadians realize they are a fraud and until they are accepted as just the way it is.

    Being complicit in this, is the price of not letting an all-candidates-meeting be an all-candidates-meeting.

    We need to know who we are voting for and why.

    Rev. Dorian Baxter, Progressive Canadian Tory, wants you to hear his voice and to allow you to make your own choices according to your opinion; Julian Fantino, Harper’s hand-picked candidate, wants you to vote for a hardliner ex-cop who will do what he is told thinking you are voting for the Tory party, which it is not.

  • lemmy

    Well its a moot point, Baxter was not allowed to debate.

  • Rev. Baxter’s stance on health care not his taste in music is at issue. Standing up for free speech against what many see as G20 police state excess with Fantino, who opposes registering guns incoherently, behind it is credibility.

    So too is being a real Tory, a PC Party candidate. Allowing the Harper party to call itself Conservative or Tory is not.

    We elect MPs, not parties. Candidates like Rev. Dorian Baxter who shows up are credible, Julian Fantino is not.

  • Brad

    I had the same problem with Jason Kenney during the last election. A public forum was negotiated but, when it came time, he chose to go to a partisan fund-raiser instead. The only time he showed up in public was for a photo op and a high school “debate” – a safe venue as there may have been half a dozen eligible voters in the audience. I hear he spends more time in Toronto than in his own riding.

    I called him the “Absentee MP” but it looks like its a trend in this government.

  • Dorian Baxter is colourful, verbose and well meaning if nothing else but really, would you vote for an Elvis impersonating preacher?

    I believe he’s the Prez of the PCs and one of the most “known” figures in all of Newmarket-Aurora and yet can’t get 1000 votes. I like the guy but a credible candidate he is not.

  • I hope and pray that voters will … please God … interpret this HarperCon FANTINO NON-INITIATIVE for what it is … A TOTAL INSULT TO ALL TAX PAYING CANADIANS !!!

  • CPC MPs are not even the voice of “their supporters.” but rather of their Chef, their Caudillo, their Duce, their . . .


  • During the 2008 federal election, I attended all ACMs and televised debates as the PC Party candidate in my BC riding but the neoCon failed to show to the Council of Canadians ACM declaring his supporters did not wish him to attend ACM…s hosted by hostile organizations; I encountered no such hostility and wonder if the neoCons understand parliamentarians are the voice of all Canadians, not just their supporters.

    We elect Parliaments and Members of Parliament to the Parliament of Canada. Just as coalition governments are as proper as any other, every candidate to the Parliament of Canada is deserving of respectful attendance for their offer of a duty of service to all Canadians.

  • Brian et alia,

    Dorian may well have been excluded, I suppose – though he sought to attend.

    So much for presenting electors with the quality of available options, eh?


  • Progressive Canadian candidate, Rev. Dorian Baxter, was present was he not? He will have touched on key issues for Canadians.

    On Health Care he will have remarked again that “Canadians want an honest commitment to Medicare, not to be told they need to have an ‘adult conversation’.”

    Led by the Hon. Sinclair Stevens, the Progressive Canadian Party (PC Party) was formed by Progressive Conservatives when the former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada was removed from the ballot in 2003.

    Progressive Canadians are true Tories, and we seek to achieve a balance of progressive social policy and fiscal responsiblity.

  • I see it was another inclusive debate,, where are rest of the 8 candidates? Or is there another table to the right?

    • @Green Assassin Brigade, This photo was focused on the table where Mr Fantino’s space was.. so can’t help you if there were other candidates or other tables.. Others who were there can fill us in.

      • Ted

        I don’t know who all attended the debate, but as you can see in this video there was a second table to the right of the stage with space for 4 others. Don’t know who attended or what the criteria was, but there appears to have been more than just the three.

  • Ted

    Shameful and cowardly.

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