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Harpocrisy – Part… I’ve lost count.

This is what Harper said about the Senate and its role in the Parliament:

“We don’t believe an unelected body should in anyway be blocking an elected body,” he told a news conference in Calgary … “We are looking for the opportunity to elect senators, but if at some point it becomes clear some senators are not going to be elected, the government will name senators to ensure that the elected will of the House of Commons and the people of Canada is reflected in the Senate.”

This is what happened yesterday; Conservative Senators defeated Bill C-311, an NDP passed climate change bill passed by the majority of MP’s in the House. Not only that, they defeated it on trickery; when they saw an opportunity to outnumber the Liberals and other independents in the Senate, they called a snap vote and killed it on a first reading vote – the first time that has been done in the Senate in over 70 years – unprecedented in the modern era. (The government has refused to introduce this bill to the Senate floor for debate for 193 days since it was passed by the House – so this was obviously a planned course of action here – leading into international climate change talks in the next month).

And what did Harper say or do? Why, he defended this course of action, of course, because he’s a Harpocrite on the highest order.


19 comments to Harpocrisy – Part… I’ve lost count.

  • ridenrain

    Why should Liberal senators come to work if their own party leader never bothers to. The leader sets the tone and this is obviously acceptable.
    I think what we’re seeing here is symptoms of unhappy party members.

  • Apparently the Liberals did not fail big enough with doing nothing on Kyoto, Green Shift, they want to double down with the NDP-Separtists in destroying our economy. Shocking!

    This is almost embarrassing how devoid of facts Liberals defending this latest screw up by your own Senators. Welcome to the jungle or the big leagues.

    Look to your own party for killing this and so many bills on 2nd reading. Look to the loss of nearly 1,700 donors in Q3 2010 vs 2009. The need to offer free tickets and steaks for help on Nov 29 by elections. Down $600k in donations in Q3.

    George Weston article should remove any doubt on the alarmists and socialists in your party.
    In fact, eliminating all the cars, trucks, bulldozers, railways and airlines in the country wouldn’t get even halfway to meeting the requirements in the bill — namely, cutting annual greenhouse emissions by about 290 million tonnes by 2020.

    Similarly, turning off the heat in every home and commercial building in Canada would reduce annual emissions by less than 80 million tonnes.

    The largest industrial source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country is the network of electrical power-generating stations fuelled by gas, oil and coal.

    Read more:

    • Jon Pertwee

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      4 slices American cheese
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  • ridenrain

    How many Liberal senators were absent that day?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, thanks for the talking point ridofbrain. You should hook up with Canadiansense and see if your combined smarts equal an average human brain.

  • Michael Harkov

    Hold on a second here –

    The Hon. the Speaker: I would now ask the table to call the current item.
    Hon. Grant Mitchell [Liberal]: I do not want it to stand.
    The Hon. the Speaker: If debate has concluded on this item, are honourable senators ready for the question?
    Senator Comeau [Conservative]: No.
    The Hon. the Speaker: The question has been called.
    It was moved by the Honourable Senator Mitchell, seconded by the Honourable Senator Banks, that Bill C-311, an Act to ensure Canada assumes its responsibility in preventing dangerous climate change, be read a second time.
    Is it your pleasure, honourable senators, to adopt the motion?
    Some Hon. Senators: No.
    The Hon. the Speaker: All those in favour of the motion will signify by saying “yea.”
    Some Hon. Senators: Yea.
    The Hon. the Speaker: Those opposed to the motion will signify by saying “nay.”
    Some Hon. Senators: Nay.
    The Hon. the Speaker: In my opinion, the nays have it.
    And two honourable senators having risen:
    The Hon. the Speaker: Call in the senators.
    Do the whips have advice as to the length of the bell?
    It will be a one-hour bell. Honourable senators, the vote will take place at 20 minutes before 5:00.
    Do I have permission to leave the chair?
    Hon. Senators: Agreed.
    Motion negatived on the following division: …”

    It was the Liberals that called for a vote. Own it guys; its your fault you screwed up and called for a vote when 15 of your own Senators were missing. If those Senators had bothered to show up to do their jobs, then perhaps you guys wouldn’t have been caught with your pants down. Why should the Tories play nice when an opportunity presents itself whenever the Liberal party is once again playing amateur hour?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Michael Harkov, yeah yeah yeah blame the Liberals. I guess responsibility isnt a Conservative trait.

      But but but the Liberals!!!!! Whiner

    • @Michael Harkov, “Why should the Tories play nice when an opportunity presents itself…”
      When it is an opportunity to subvert the will of the elected House and an opportunity to make the PM look like a complete hypocrite, the reason why should be obvious. Harper has been on record saying that the unelected senate should never overrule the elected house. His senators jumped at an opportunity and have made him look foolish. I doubt that Harper is very happy with these opportunists.

    • Redrum

      @Michael Harkov, no, YOU hold on a sec.: you should — and probably do — know that that Hansard transcript is under dispute: that the Libs. are maintaining that it was actually the Con. Senator Comeau who called for the vote. See:

      www +

      and kady, who’s posted the actual audio here (which isn’t of much help to most of us who don’t know whose voices are whose, but Kady herself agrees w. the Libs):

      www +

      www +

      But even if it was the Libs who inavertantly precipitated it, it’s a bug FU to the 75% of the electorate who DIDN’T vote Con. to scuttle a Bill passed by the HOC on a technicality like this.

    • @Michael Harkov, the apologists here are very upset. They are running out of excuses why the party they support can’t show up for work and remove confidence of this minority government.

      They can’t connect those dots that Liberals are the best cheerleaders sans the pom poms. I do admire the press and the apologists blaming the Conservatives for defeating a bill they don’t support.

      Apparently Conservative show up for work and listen to their supporters. The Liberals not so much, they don’t care what these apologists think.

  • billg

    “I promise to cancel the GST if elected”….JChretien.
    “And I promise, no new taxes”….DMcGuinty.
    Trickery or good old fashion politics? Let us all know.
    I’m not disagreeing with your comments about Harper, but, it just seems to me that he’s learned very quickly from successful Liberal leaders about how to lie and have it not stick, and, its also why so very few pay attention because they know that it just seems to be the norm in politics from Canada’s two main party’s.

    • @billg,

      Where exactly did you find the Chretien quote, the exact place? Because, if you recall the Chretien CBC bio, Mr. Harper himself referred to the crafty way Chretien never actually said he would cancel the GST. Sheila Copps opened her big mouth, but did Chretien actually utter those words?

      So, where did you find the actual quote? Or are you using quotation marks rhetorically and not formally? Did he ever actually say that?

      • Jon Pertwee

        @Michael Bussiere, they’re just figments in BillG’s mind. Quotes, citation and proof are for other folks. BillG believes in gut feeling over reality.. Gut feeling, that’s why a conbot never cites proof.

    • @billg,
      One wrong, one right.

      In their first mandate in the 1993 election, they attempted to merge the GST with provincial retail sales taxes, but most provinces refused to accept this change after the election. The Progressive Conservatives put forward the idea that Chrétien had actually promised to “scrap the GST” leading to wide public misperception.

      Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty promised Sunday that he won’t raise taxes if he is re-elected this fall and insisted he really means it this time.

      The premier, who ran on a no-new-taxes platform in the 2003 election and then introduced one of the largest income tax increases in provincial history, said Ontarians should believe him now “because I’m in charge.”

    • @billg, The Liberals are deploying “if the glove does not you must aquit argument”. Without a direct link or source their broken promise does not exist in their minds.

      I remember the campaign promises Nunziata and Copps did not back down or forget what they promised. Copps was shamed by her Hamilton voters, she resigned and won her re-election. Nunziata was booted for voting against the budget the did not remove the GST.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @CanadianSense, and thus starts the relentless Canadiansense monologue once again. How long ago was that CS? Give it a rest crackpot.

        • Redrum

          @JP, she can’t help it: it’s all the CndnSensimilla (aka ‘BC Bud’) in her, which makes the flashbacks, er, klik in.

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