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I hope there are plenty of jaded Conservative MP’s/Cabinet Ministers

Susan Delacourt asks this morning whether with the rash of recent retirements in the MP/Cabinet Minister ranks in Parliament if this indicates that the politicians up on the Hill are getting as jaded as voters are in realizing how ineffective Parliament is right now.

I don’t know the answer to that, but from my perspective, I hope there are a lot more Conservative MP’s and Cabinet Ministers who feel that way. In fact, I encourage them to retire; they have no real power on the Hill, and they’re reduced to being automaton parrots for the PMO and Harper.

Heck, I’d encourage the entire Cabinet to retire, because it’s apparent that Harper and the PMO believe they can run the entire country on their own.


13 comments to I hope there are plenty of jaded Conservative MP’s/Cabinet Ministers

  • TofKW

    CS said “I am in support of a smaller government at all levels, less taxation, less waste.”

    Well duh!!! Who isn’t in favour of streamlining government spending and reducing our tax burden? That’s why Stevie ‘Only voting Liberal would put us in deficit’ Harper, and Jimmy ‘Now one predicted a downturn was coming’ Flaherty must be fired ASAP. They have worse track records than the Liberals ever did, and that’s saying something. Even Rae’s ONT NDP government cared more about the early-90’s deficit then these Reform-Yahoo’s who claim they’re conservatives. You’re just proving how full of crap you are Patsy that you continually ignore your own hypocrisy on this issue.

    Jon Pertwee said: “Why aren’t you getting the hint?” Because she’s a moron, that’s been established already. Oh wait – that was rhetorical wasn’t it JP? 😉

    • @TofKW, As predicted personal attacks on 2nd post. It is predictable when winning against a Liberal to be called names.
      Liberal blame the Federal Government or not being able to withstand the Global Recession. Voters don’t. ( Another example of cognitive dissonance)

      The CPC in 2008 offered less than $ 15 billion in campaign promises and wanted to wait and see. Sept 2008 our unemployment rate was a historical low of 5.9%. Six weeks later after voters gave the Liberals the worst level of popular support since confederation they tried to steal power with Jack and Gilles.
      Jon Stewart even did a spot with the PM Harper at 46% popular support in December.
      Ignatieff team threw Dion under the bus and now have been in power since December 2008 running cover the Federal Government as the most supportive Liberal party by regularly missing votes in parliament.
      I accept many apologists on your team are very unhappy their sub 30 polling and empty coffers. Take it up with your party. It is not my fault they can’t offer a credible alternative. Why not try another You tube ad?

  • TofKW

    CanadianSense Reply: The left spent years demonizing those wingnuts in the US and the largest sweep in nearly 50 years took place in the mid-term elections.

    You admit the tea-bagger-Republicans are wingnuts. Yet you support them. So therefore CanadianSense = tea-bagger-Republican wingnut, and not a proper Tory-Conservative. Now do you understand why your own Conservative MP avoids you like the plague? Well admission on your part is the first step towards recovery, now go seek professional help.

    • @TofKW, It is important to recycle the labels from the left in demonizing their opponents. I am in support of a smaller government at all levels, less taxation, less waste. Name calling is the norm at Lib blogs. Being labeled a moron, denier, racist, bigot is the norm when winning a debate with a Liberal.

      In fact usually you engage in personal attacks within two posts.

      I don’t think it makes a great deal of sense to ignore the real issues for cheap shots. I have listed many examples why negative campaigns without substance fail. Voters need to be outraged. In the US voters have generally three options: stay home, show vote Dem or Rep. In Canada we have four national and one regional party. The ballots are not fungible for the coalition government unless the parties agree to work together before election and the party with the largest number of seats votes is included. The lesson is the UK was losers don’t get to pick the government. The voters do.

      National talking points from each political party mean very little to the three ridings having a contest. Each riding has had a healthy margin for each party. Any movement or change in the margin will be played by the media and pundits (including us) as significant.

      I don’t think those three ridings are bell-weather ridings and extrapolation of a shift is illogical. Poking fun at each other with rhetoric is expected. In the big scheme of things it does not matter if each party retains their seats. Buckle up enjoy the ride!

      • Jon Pertwee

        @CanadianSense, “In fact usually you engage in personal attacks within two posts.”

        Wow if there wasnt a better case of pot meet kettle then show me. Patsy, the problem is you do everything you accuse others of first. You generalize, assign blame and blame all the troubles of the world on people that have a different opinion to yours. You’re attempts to create an argument are muddled, meandering and never stay on topic. The best part of it though is how you make these partisan retarda-torie statements then claim to never insult anyone or be partisan.

        Come on Patsy, give it a rest. You can’t stay on topic, noone wants to read your blog and even your MP avoids you.

        Why aren’t you getting the hint? Give us all a break from the ranting.

  • Some QC MP want funding for a stadium, SK MPs against Potash, Bernier is a prop or on script? Rod B. on counselling for abortion?

    After the Keith Martin public smack down and his refusal to carry the Liberal banner in the next election. Ruby was pushed under the bus for her pension private members bill and sent to the back benches?

    The maternal health debacle than a whipped vote on LGR, refusal to back EI 360, Deserter Bill, Ethical mining bill (all Liberal policies)

    I am not sure this makes sense to point out why CPC are more tolerant.

    • CanadianNonsense

      @CanadianSpam, no Klic, all it does is hammer home your inability to stay on topic and frequency to use obsfuscation as a point.

      You are right though, that makes no sense and only illustrates your partisan nature (that you consistently claim to lack).

      but since we are veering off topic

      CanadianSpam & Eggs

      1 can CanadianSpam (any flavour)
      1 tsp butter
      2 large eggs
      1/4 tsp pepper
      1/4 tsp salt

      • Redrum

        @ClunKlikEveryTrip, Well, what’ve you got?
        Waitress: Well, there’s egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam; spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam;
        Vikings: Spam spam spam spam…

    • CopperheadLoad

      @CanadianSense, yeah, 2 wingnuts speaking out on the fringe, and 20 hypocrites, willing to betray the party’s core principles to save their own bacon: your party’s a real bastion of backbone, diversity & integrity. But “tolerance”? Ha! Never.

      Saskatchewan’s Tory MPs: Silent? Stooges? Or quietly effective?

      www +

      “Mr. Goodale said Mr. Lukiwski’s comments to The Star-Phoenix is “after the fact reconstructionism” and that the Tory Saskatchewan caucus was “out of the loop” from the beginning. “There’s absolutely no evidence that they had anything to do with the decision. They will now of course try to claim credit because they had damaged themselves politically on this file and they’ll try to recreate a story that says they were involved, but the fact of the matter is this. Until the issue became quite hot in terms of its political consequences and it became obvious that if Harper went through with what he wanted to do which is say yes, it became obvious that that action on his part would cost him seats in Saskatchewan and put his political numbers in jeopardy,” Mr. Goodale said. “It’s only at that point that the government changed its opinion and came to a no.”

      www +

      • @CopperheadLoad, I am impressed you insult the QC MP who calls for ending the entitlement culture in Quebec and the Federal government return to a more tradition role in keeping out of jurisdiction of provinces.

        The left spent years demonizing those wingnuts in the US and the largest sweep in nearly 50 years took place in the mid-term elections. In NB the liberal experiment was ended with a PC blue wave.

        In Europe socialists and liberals are in a panic and full retreat. Nationalistic, moderate, right of centre parties calling for less spending have become the flavour of the month.

        In tough economic times people are turn away from the left of centre parties and their failed promises of social justice and its Utopian society.

        You cite the only Liberal MP in the entire province as proof the Conservative MP in the government had no influence in the decision of net benefit taken by Tony Clement? I am impressed with that logic. You will also agree than based on your logic Ignatieff statement “Canada’s not deserving of a UN seat” must have been the reason why Canada fell only captured 114 votes.

        I would suggest the revisionism of the “all powerful Liberals” from the cheap seats is being done by apologists who are ignorant of the poor financial standing of their party and the ballot results since 2006. We have had a minority government since 2004. The LPOC have been consistent in supporting the Conservative Agenda in avoiding an election through a removal of their confidence/support.

        In my example I gave instances of 3-4 Shadow Cabinet Liberals being abandoned by the leadership on their private members bill at a crucial stage:second vote. On Monday the entire opposition spent the entire day complaining on the short title of a bill they have supported because it may be used “propaganda” in a campaign. Clearly the majority of MPs in the opposition have NO interest in removing their confidence of this government.

        Denial-ism and revisionism of key facts is a trait in the left. We have a parliamentary democracy and the Conservative minority government stands through the support of the majority. That majority can’t get their act together and scrap enough money to buy tv ads or pay off leadership debts from 2006.

        • Jon Pertwee

          @CanadianSense, Ah yeah there’s the Klic we know. First she comes in, makes a bunch of poorly formed and off topic statements, then she go and makes generalizations about people that disagree with her and insult her. Still, this isnt and insult or being partisan, that isnt Klic’s way. She is not partisan and never makes generalizations about anyone.

          Bollocks! Klic constantly is patronizing, partisan and insulting. She is unable to stay on topic and seems to believe that Liberals are wrong for everything in the world. Milk gone sour? Well that’s what you get for being a Liberal! Well of course you have weeds in your lawn you damn Liberal swine! It’s a trait of the left to have poor lawncare skills and inadequate refrigeration.

          and continuing with a fun trend.

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          1/2 c Chopped onion
          1/4 md Green bell pepper, cut into thin slices
          1/4 md Red or yellow bell pepper, cut into think slices
          2 ts Oil
          1 cn Spam luncheon meat, cut into julienne
          1 cn Frozen fat-free egg product, thawed
          4 Eggs
          1/4 ts Dried basil
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          6 dr Hot pepper sauce
          1/4 c Shredded cheddar cheese

  • ck

    Now, now, what ever would Stevie use as props? Even the lap dog Dimitri needs to take a nap now and then…

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