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A blogsite that should prove alternately amusing and head-shaking

A site was brought to my attention today on Twitter by the (former?) blogger known as Canadian Cynic. It’s called The Blogging Tories In Their Own Words. Apparently, the person(s) who runs this site have decided to start highlighting what members of this aggregate say. You may be asking why would he/she/they want to do that? Here’s the “raison d’etre” at the site:

The Blogging Tories is a group of more than 240 Canadian bloggers who have a shared interest in conservative politics. Its more prominent members include Rick Anderson, Keith Beardsley, Monte Solberg, and MPs Maxime Bernier and David Anderson. According to one its more prolific members, Roy Eapen, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is appreciative of the Blogging Tories’ efforts, and has acknowledging that the group has not only “helped to counter a media that is not very friendly to the party”, but has “helped hold the party’s feet to the fire.” However, despite the group’s influence, it remains largely unknown outside political circles. The Blogging Tories in Their Own Words is an effort to draw attention to their writings and opinions.

You’ll notice they’ve got 8 quotations so far from various members of that aggregate; all of the head-shaking variety, I’d say. It’s a site if the owners stay active) that should provide plenty of good reading material on a group that has influence on the current governing party… and should be rather informative on what some of their “grassroots” views are – and as you can see, a lot of them aren’t exactly “mainstream” views or very pleasant ones.


18 comments to A blogsite that should prove alternately amusing and head-shaking

  • ridenrain

    The proof is in those EKOS polls. Stop the talk and call that election. I’m sure the folks of Quebec will vote for you guys, if they know what’s good for them.

  • ridenrain

    Still not loud enough to distract from your Quebec Godfather or Iggy’s Afghan flip-flops.

    • Redrum

      @BrideWars , speaking of flip flops: I hear Stevie’s going to appoint Omar Khadr as CEO when he nationalizes Potash Corp., and then send the BloggingTories into combat in ‘stan. Hoo-rah.

      • Redrum

        …and he’s going to fund the latter with the taxes from the revoked income trusts and the increased EI payments. But don’t worry, there won’t be any expensive disability payments to burden us with when you get maimed.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @diddledong, but still too challenging for you to debate.

  • LK

    Head-bangingly obtuse, the right. In all its forms. Mahers’ response to the Stewart/Colbert rally was quite astute. There IS no comparison (no debate, no equivalence)…between Martin Luthers’ “I have a dream…” and Glenn Becks’ “I am your nightmare”. H/T Wiselaw Blog.

  • ridenrain

    Still reads like a mensa society compaired to the rantings over on Rabble.

    • “compaired”?

      ridenrain, you must be a member of that special ‘mensa society’.

    • @ridenrain, I’ll put the “looney left” up against the “wingnut right” any day, and I’m pretty cofident in saying there will be a lot more idiocy coming from the right then the left, and of the more offensive variety.

      • @Scott Tribe, Scott the voters have already been doing that, were you away in 2006, 2008 and 2009?

        The left have been getting retired. Did you miss the elections in Europe, NB or mid-terms in the United States.

        I do enjoy the Lib blog roll too for comic relief.

        A party that has been the most supportive of the Conservative agenda since 2006. With a leader who is MIA, a serious funding crunch, well behind Jack Layton in every leadership poll.

        I applaud at least you don’t feel insecure by creating an echo chamber of only cheerleaders for the LPOC.

  • Gayle

    The BT’s are the financial base of the CPC. The party really does not care what they say, so long as they keep riling up their membership so they donate.

  • Northern PoV

    “Surely the blog is satire.”
    in another (and better) universe

    I try to peruse both left and right wing PoVs before I fall shameless victim to my own hopelessly-progressive bias. I tried reading these guys but couldn’t handle the infantile drivel that often appeared to slither into criminal (advocating vigilante violence seems to be a regular occurrence) territory without concern.

    The new site is a painful reminder of whats in BT. And it seems that BT is in the comfort zone of the modern CPC. ugh
    This site should be required reading for all swing voters 😉

  • Surely the blog is satire. Despite the earnest description of the site you quoted, the contents of the posts and the highlighted quotes are pure comedy.

    • ck

      I don’t think it’s satire. At first I thought it was to draw an even bigger audience to the blogging SupposiTory insane assylum, but now, given the wankiest, most menacing and offensive titles carefully selected, I wonder if the owner is doing a public service of sorts? Yanno, warning those swing voters or those with less interest of exactly who out there is influencing or part of Harper’s intractable base really is composed of.

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