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Does a partisan mailout from a Conservative Senator mean much?

There’s a story in the Toronto Star today about how the Conservative Party has switched gears and decided to have its Conservative Senators do partisan mail outs to opposition-held ridings in order to attack them. You might remember these were known as “10 percenters” when the controversy over their use by MP’s took place in the past couple of years. Well, the heat (and the Speaker) got a bit too much for them there, so now it’s all the appointed hacks and flacks of Harper’s Senate appointees doing this new attempt to convince the Canadian public in key opposition party held ridings how wimpy and soft on crime the Liberals and other parties are.

But, am I going to worry in my sleep over the persuasive powers of some appointed Conservative senators on the electorate to turn the tide in key ridings?  Nope, I’m not losing a minute of sleep over it.

Is this a waste of taxpayers money? Definitely. In fact, I think this latest stunt may boomerang back on the Conservatives from the public, who doesn’t hold the Senate in very high esteem as it is, and probably won’t appreciate the fact that appointed unelected Conservative Senators are using their taxpayer dollars to perform partisan attacks with  junk mail. I hope the Liberals and other parties remind Canadians how willing this current Conservative government is in wasting taxpayers money in order to try to get a majority government.


9 comments to Does a partisan mailout from a Conservative Senator mean much?

  • ridenrain

    Gosh… maybe your right. He could of just been using his position to flog his new book.
    So how is that fundraising working out for you guys?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, better than riding without a helmet has been for you ridofbrain.

    • Redrum

      @Billiet, who quoth,

      “O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
      Deny thy Party, and refuse thy Book and mail;
      Or, if thou wilt not, be but my diversion,
      And I’ll no longer care cuz u let…
      …us get away with murder. Tee hee!
      Parting is such sweet sorrow
      that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”

      Meanwhile, faced with that usual reflexive cynical & hypocritical “Tu quoque/you too!” response, the taxpayers & voters are increasingly saying:

      “A plague on both your houses!”

  • Alison S

    A little off-topic, but the Reformatories are now spamming for support and donations. You have to ask to get taken off their email list. They also asked why one wants to be removed from their list, so I let them have it with both barrels. I don’t hold out much hope that I will actually be deleted as previous attempts have been unsuccessful.

  • Dennis Hollingsworth

    RidOfBrain is incapable of a single original thought … Romeo Dallaire has forgottemn more in the last 5 minutes than you will ever know RidOfBrain PUTZ !!!

  • ridenrain

    Yeah.. and that unsolicited junk mail from Liberal senator Dallaire doesn’t count? At least the Conservative senators didn’t try to couch their political message into a remembrance day event.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, yeah not this time Ridofbrain. They’ve been wrapping pretty much everything else military into a political partisan message.

      Hypocrisy 365, must be ridofbrain.

  • At least here in Canada, franking privileges are double ended which means that we can send mail free to Parliament (both Houses) as they can to us. So why not just gather up all of our junk mail, put it in an envelope, and mark it “x” or “y” Senator (we can find out which are Conservatives just with a couple of engine searches) and send it, postage free, to that Senator, Senate of Canada, Ottawa ON K1A 0A4. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

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