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A request to whoever makes the poppies for Remembrance Day

I will always wear and donate money to wear a poppy on Remembrance Day – both in honour of all who served Canada in WW I/II etc, as well as specifically in honour of both of my (still alive) grandfathers, who both served in WW II.

That said.. I wish the makers of the poppies would do what is apparently done in Britain. They do not have a single needle in the back of the poppy that you try to stick into your shirt/coat etc as best as you can and hope it stays there (and it often doesn’t). They have apparently put a safety pin in the back of their poppies, which makes for a lot less (if at all) loss of those flowers.

I implore the Royal Canadian Legion or whoever it is who makes those poppies here to do the same. It can’t cost that much extra to put in a safety pin.


15 comments to A request to whoever makes the poppies for Remembrance Day

  • Brian

    Sorry. That should read “post-production profits”. – Brian

  • Brian

    To be honest, the Legion has tried for years to find a way to better secure the red poppy, however, every effective solution so far identified increases the cost of producing the poppy several fold. Since all post-production costs of poppies are dedicated to the direct benefit of Canadian veterans and their families, any increased production costs would ultimately be paid by them. Therefore the Legion would prefer that members of the public take a second or third poppy for free than increase the current costs of distributing poppies.

    A couple of tricks to better secure your poppy would be to use an eraser from the end of a pencil or a small strip (1 inch) of a wide elastic band on the pin to keep it from sliding free.

    Lest We Forget – Brian

  • It used to bug me then I started to think it isn’t too big a hassle considering the reason for wearing poppies in the first place.

  • Dave

    If you push the pin through your clothes and then again through the “petal” of the poppy, it will never fall off.

  • ridenrain

    You could use one of the small Canadian flag pins like Harper and many other Canadians use. Some people might criticise you for being hypocritical though, considering some of the media bitched about it back in 2005.

  • Smart idea … and the Legion wouldn’t have to worry about people holding on to theirs. Judging from the British experience, they sell out every year. Even the American Legion offers them up for sale although they don’t seem to be nearly as popular there as in Commonwealth states (even though the Dept of VA does promote the idea).

    • Just a quick follow-up on my comment from last night, I recall last year that Regis Philbin was handed a Canadian-style poppy by an audience member visiting NYC on Veteran’s Day (as they call it in the States) and Philbin said he was honoured to wear it as a tribute to ALL who paid the sacrifice on the battlefield. Very classy on his part.

  • Why would they spend money to prevent you from donating again to get another poppy?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Robin, ever heard of reducing litter and waste? Dont you the legion would rather you wore the poppy on your coat than tracking it on your shoe?

  • Big Winnie

    That’s a great idea!! I’ve lost a couple already this year

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