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Continually putting out brushfires can be dangerous..

One of these days, one of those brushfires will flare up and cause an immense problem for the Conservative government. The story on our wounded veterans not being treated fairly with the disability benefits they deserve -and the outgoing Veterans Ombudsman in the lead on a possible class action lawsuit – is one such example of this.

This government has gone out of its way – to partisan extremes and ridiculousness at times – to proclaim this is the only government and political party that cares about the troops. Well, when you’re not paying out the wounded troops benefits that help them, or deny them other caretaking needs, and those folks start to publicize their disgust over it, the Conservatives rather dubious claim to having a monopoly on supporting the troops starts to get what thin credibility it might have exposed for what it is – a lot of words, but not a lot to back it up. Having one of your MP’s promise to talk to Veterans over their concerns, as Gerard Keddy did, and then not bothering to show up to the rally (as well as claiming Veterans should be thanking the Conservatives for their treatment) doesn’t help your cause either.

The Conservatives are apparently sensing the danger on this, and are promising to see if they can reform the system some, but vets groups are a bit dubious whether this is just public pronouncements designed to mollify them with Remembrance Day approaching. We’ll see what they come up with.


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