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Did Hell freeze over today too?

Getting back from my Friday night curling, I see from a couple of Progressive Bloggers that Stephen Taylor actually broke from his normal parroting of the official CPC government line that I’m used to seeing from his blog and occasional media columns, to criticize the Conservatives for their (perhaps temporary 30 day) blocking of the Potash deal. No master strategist praising of Harper’s strategic genius here from Stephen – he looks like he’s a tad ticked over this potash move.

Even though he approached the criticism from the libertarian/laissez-faire side of things, I’ll give him some props for showing some independent thought.


1 comment to Did Hell freeze over today too?

  • Redrum

    Less trash talk than usual from the usual suspect con-bots, too, despite the favourable polls.

    Could it be that with all the lies, scandals, flip-flops, & ill-considered foolish decisions piling up, even they are finally seeing that the Harper-Cons. have neither principles nor wisdom?

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