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Prentice’s departure leaves Conservatives more radical, less capable.

Jim Prentice decided yesterday that working as a chief executive in a major Canadian bank was preferable to being a Cabinet Minister in Harper’s government any longer. Whatever his reasons (some say he’d finally had enough of being stymied in government by Harper), it takes out of the government one of the very few moderate Conservatives (not sure I’d go so far to call him a “red Tory”, but in this particular Conservative Party, he may qualify as that).

It also takes out one of the few capable Ministers that didn’t need to be spoon-fed advice or instructions on what to say from the PMO, which may not bother Harper much. That’s not to say I thought he did very much in his tenure as a Cabinet Minister. His attempts at drafting copyright law was terrible, and he did next to nothing in the Environment file (save for putting a break on a mining project in BC this week, which supposedly embarrassed Gordon Campbell, and helped him decide to also resign – which might be the best thing Prentice has done, if true). However, talent in this Harper caucus is thin, and very ideological. See the fact Harper has put John “Blowhard” Baird back in the Environment Ministry as a temporary fill-in. He did nothing in the Environment Ministry either, so he’ll be very capable at doing that again.

Speaking from a partisan point of view, the more ideologically right-wing this government gets in appearance and actions, the better it is for those of us trying to remove this government, so in that sense, Prentice;s departure doesn’t really bug me.

UPDATE: And as a follow up to that last paragraph, I hope this is true.. and that Levant actually runs and wins. That would be an unexpected gift.


3 comments to Prentice’s departure leaves Conservatives more radical, less capable.

  • Niles

    Scott, please stop casually illwishing my life. That’s my federal riding you’re threatening with Levant.

    Bad enough they’re talking up McIver to get a consolation prize for not getting to be mayor, as he so righteously believed he would be. It’s certainly believed that whoever or whatever acquires the Conservative nomination will take the riding, but I’d rather be represented by a stuffed toy than Levant with a taxpayer funded soapbox.

    Prentice did one decent thing that got him a lot of local flack (as evidenced by the whackyloo hysteria showing up in my mailbox at the time). He publically declared equal marriage was a matter of human rights and that he’d be voting for its inclusion in Canada’s laws as a matter of conscience. I and many other riding residents let him know it was the honourable and reality based thing to do.

    After that, he seemed to slide into lockstep compliance with Harper directives.

  • Anon ABC

    Prentice might be a moderate Conservative but as a Cabinet Minister (Industry, Environment) he was a big disappointment. He appeared to fit well into the mould of Ministers only in name who seemingly serve only to implement or defend Harper’s decisions(cue Clement’s claim that killing the Potash deal was his own decision).

    Not sure how he will benefit the shareholders of CIBC since he does not appear to have much banking experience/background. But perhaps, as some have speculated, his potential value is in his previous link to this government (which seems to like to give sole sourced contracts to those somehow deemed in the loop).

    I am more concerned that a senior member of a current government can apparently so easily jump to the private sector without any cooling off period.

  • Failed mayoral candidate Ric McIver seems to be the more likely candidate. The Calgary Herald has him “seriously” considering a run. And third place mayoral candidate Barb Higgins has also signalled some interest, though not to the same degree as McIver.

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