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The Russians are coming for the Potash?

Usually, potash isn’t a story I’d blog about. You might know there is a potash controversy out west in Saskatchewan. Apparently, they don’t like the idea of the corporation being sold to another corporation, which is based out of Australia. Opposition is strong from conservative Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan provincial government, as well as in the Prime Minister’s backyard of Calgary, for some strange reason.

However, word now comes that the Russians might be coming forward to issue a counter-bid. If that happens, I would not be surprised if Harper and the government either a) justified supporting the original bid as being sound. and they’d rather have potash controlled by the Aussies then the Ruskies, or b) he’ll put on his Captain Canada hat and cape for a day and proclaim they will not allow any sale that gives complete foreign interest domination of potash.

I’m betting on the former scenario; where he may say “screw them in Saskatchewan and Calgary – they’ll all still vote for me anyhow” and let it proceed. I understand from reading Twitter and some political observers that no decision will be made until after the markets close today.. so it will be interesting to see what transpires.

UPDATE @ 6:45 pm: Looks like Harper and Clement blinked – for 30 days anyhow.


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