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Conservatives: those diplomats let Khadr come home

So yesterday, we find out Canada was negotiating all along with the US in agreeing to a plea bargain, despite Foreign Minister Cannon’s claims to the contrary (which he ridiculously tried to continue using in Question Period yesterday). Today, Brian Lilley of the Sun writes there was a bitter Cabinet argument over the fact Canada had accepted the plea agreement, and now there are apparently “top Conservatives” blaming Canadian diplomats for exceeding their authority:

The deal appears to have been sealed while Prime Minister Stephen Harper was travelling in Europe and there is the suggestion that foreign affairs officials used this time to offer and accept more than Harper was willing to. Diplomatic notes were exchanged with the Americans on October 23rd in the middle of Harper’s trip to Switzerland and the Ukraine. The question now is, was Harper fully aware?

Isn’t Lawrence Cannon aware of what goes on in his own department? Surely, anything like this would get passed along to him, and he would have to approve it. If he didn’t tell Harper until after the fact, that should be Cannon’s problem, not the diplomats/officials underneath him. It’s rather rich to be blaming diplomats for this.

Hey, doesn’t Richard Colvin, the whistleblower on the Canadian government’s handling of the Afghan detainees, still work in Washington as a top official in the Embassy? Maybe the Conservatives will try to find a way to blame him for this supposed “over-reach”.

It’s rather amusing that FINALLY, and belatedly, when the Conservatives do the right thing (admittedly with some nudging and prodding from US officials) they’re still trying to cast blame for this. Are they so scared of their rabid right-wing red meat base (who’d shred the Constitution and take away rights of any and all they hate if they could) that they have to resort to trying to make excuses and shifting blame on this issue?


4 comments to Conservatives: those diplomats let Khadr come home

  • Al

    Interesting article in the Toronto Star today outlining the reaction of Senator Romeo Dellaire,a man I have immense respect for. In fact so much so,he has now cemented my view of this entire sorry affair.All along my opinion unfortunately fell in line with the majority of Canadians and condemned Mr Khadr. However the Senator has a thoroughly unbeatable argument based on his experience in Rwanda,one that armchair quarterbacks can never duplicate. Basically he says Omar Khadrs trial was a travesty of justice.
    link to story

  • zia

    Larry cannot say, “Hillary made me do it.” Last week he had only one lie to tell which became repetitive and very boring. We would all be having a lot more fun with the Hillary thing as my understanding of it:
    it was like a todo list with check boxes or required fields so the idiot didn’t get it wrong or omit a detail.

  • Dan

    The Conservatives like to run against the evils of government, apparently even when they ARE the government. They seem to want to pretend that it is still 2006 and they have inherited a Liberal-built civil service, but they have had four and a half years to rebuild it in their own image.

  • Will M

    The deal was sealed while Harpo was in Europe?

    What, there are no phones in Europe?

    How do you know if a CON is lying? Their lips move.

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