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Just my progressive opinion of course..

…but there aren’t many instances, if any, of companies actually adhering to voluntary standards for preserving the environment, or polluting, and so on. Regulation is needed to force adherence. To think otherwise is either pie in the sky, or because you think that it’s not fair to force companies to make less profit in order to be good environmental and social corporate citizens – a definite conservative/libertarian trait, NOT a liberal trait.


2 comments to Just my progressive opinion of course..

  • Did you see this, Scott?

    Corporate Social Responsibility: Movements and Footprints of Canadian Mining and Exploration Firms in the Developing World

    Commissioned by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) in 2009

    “Canadian companies have been the most significant group involved in unfortunate incidents in the developing world. Canadian companies have played a much more major role than their peers from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Canadian companies are more likely to be engaged in community conflict, environmental and unethical behaviour.”

    The report notes that the majority of the Canadian mining companies involved in such violations already have CSR policies in place.

  • D’yah think? 😉

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