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What’s the difference between a conservative wingnut blogger and Rosie Dimanno?

Rosie gets paid to write what she spews.

I love Rosie as a sports reporter; I wish she would stick to her strength and the stuff she knows.

UPDATE: I don’t have time this AM to go through a thorough debunking, but start with the “army medic” talking point for starters. Check out the Ottawa Citizen’s Dan Gardner’s tweet as well:

Odd: no expert analysis I’ve read supports Dimanno’s take on African child soldiers or the quality of Gitmo justice.

Of course they don’t.. that won’t stop her or others from repeating the crap.


1 comment to What’s the difference between a conservative wingnut blogger and Rosie Dimanno?

  • Brian

    With all apologies to Rosie, here’s my submission for tomorrow’s Tor Star.

    “Rosie Dimanno would have been a different person with a different father.

    So what? So would we all.

    There’s no retroactive mercy for blood thirsty hacks who’ve grown up with lousy parents, in deranged households, taught wickedly in the ways of the world. That defense doesn’t work for child molesters, rapists and serial killers, many of whom were subjected to horrific mental and physical abuse, scars that never fade.

    I see no reason why it should be asserted as an absolving excuse for cheerleading for an aggressive Iraq war that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people because she had the misfortune of being born an amoral sociopath.

    Nowhere does there exist an iota of evidence that Dimanno regrets anything: not the circumstances of her childhood, the tutoring in the stupid, the prose-bombs she planted in Canada’s most read newspaper that nearly killed hundreds of Canadian soldiers (if we had signed on to the illegal, immoral war), the idolizing of Anne Coulter, the contempt for Western society and international law.”

    I know the prose sucks. I never did learn to write good.

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