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Hmm.. doubt this occasion will be celebrated much at 24 Sussex today.

Today is United Nations Day; a day that would normally receive disdain in this particular incarnation of the Conservative Party anyways, but probably is getting more antipathy then normal in those quarters after the resounding defeat in the vote at the UN over the rotating Security Council seat to Germany and Portugal.

UPDATE: I just got reminded World Statistics Day was last week – which is another day not circled on this current government’s calendar – seeing as they would rather do away with accurate data and statistics in their decision to cancel the mandatory long-form census.


4 comments to Hmm.. doubt this occasion will be celebrated much at 24 Sussex today.

  • Beijing York

    Scott, I’m betting Harper and his retrogrades are too hung over from celebrating yesterday:

  • Brammer

    A question to all those who feel the UN is important to Canada, especially those living in Ontario; why was this report on the public funding of Catholic schools completely ignored?

    Could it be that the UN is only important when convenient to us (or as a chance to take a shot at a polical party?)

    Sorry, I’m no fan of Harper, but hypocrisy ranks even lower.

    • Redrum

      @Brammer, um, you dredge up something from 11 years ago and ask why it was ignored?! well, who says it was… at the time. But as the Wiki article on Education in Canada observes,
      “Since the Catholic schools system is entrenched in the constitution, the Supreme Court has ruled that this system is constitutional.” — so even if the United Nations Human Rights Committee ruled that Ontario’s system is discriminatory, it IS legal here, and evidently the country decided it wasn’t a big enough deal to go through the very big deal of trying to amend the Constitution.

      And anyhow, that’s the Human Rights Commission (later Council)… they’ve ruled against on on a bunch of things, mostly involving violating First Nations’ rights, like: http + ://

      Here’s a big Senate paper on Canada’s rel’n to it, from www +

      As these rulings come up, the govt’s of the day generally say, “Oops, our bad, we’ll try to fix it,” or, “Sorry, we’ll just have to agree to disagree,” as the case may be. But it hardly makes either Party hypocrites for seeking a Security Council seat (as both did: Libs. started it, & Cons. tried to close the deal).

      Those are the twin issues, here, on the ACTUAL topic:
      – the Security Council is a much diff. kettle of fish than the Human Rights one — everyone runs afoul of the latter and gets traffic tickets, as it were, but its the latter that wields real clout on world affairs, and the ability to get on its non-permanent seats shows whether a nation is held in any regard by its peers in that grouping & by the world as a whole; and,
      – rightly or wrongly, Harper _did_ try to get on it, rather than wash his hands of it, and spent a LOT of money in the process (Billions: the unnec. to bring here show-offy G20 was part of that), so his failure was both an economic and international embarrassment to us.
      And many who know more about this than me say it was right to seek it, and bad that we didn’t get it, if we really want to exert our influence to try to temper some of the bazillions of resolutions that get send Israel’s way, for example.

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