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Is it just me…

or does Manitoba Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner, famous as the architect of the so-called private members bill that tried to kill the gun registry, look a tad vindictive/bitter in her actions today?

Candice should take note that her own leader would never submit himself to that type of aggressive questioning… this was the guy who only would go on CBC to talk with Peter Mansbridge during the 2008 election campaign if he didn’t get any unscripted questions from viewers.


4 comments to Is it just me…

  • realistic

    I think you Libs should try boosting your own party with REAL policy and sound ideas instead of always trying to put the other parties down.

  • slg

    Trying to get in Harper’s good books it seems to me – ambitious

    If it’s a health issue, I apologize – is it me or does Hoeppner never move a muscle on her face? Is she pumped up with botoz?

  • Redrum

    Yeah, she’s got that “Fatal Attraction” vibe about her (I will not be ignored!). The odd thing is she got all the credit for carrying the torch for the last leg of the relay, and took it so personally that SHE was let down by those traitorous vote-changing MPs (whom she’s vowed revenge on), even tho’ its been Garry Breitkreuz who’s been doing all the heavy lifting (and mouth breathing) on this Lo, these many years. (It’s kinda like Stevie taking credit for our banking reg’s).

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