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..I have in my hand a list…

I read today that the head of our spy agency CSIS has apparently made good on his promise to tell the federal government which Canadian politicians he fears are being influenced by foreign governments. Presumably Michael Ignatieff isn’t on that list, even though he was more or less accused of being an agent for Portugal and Germany after the UNSC vote debacle.

I see though that this accusation has been basically shelved, when it was more or less ridiculed nationally, and probably when the geniuses in the PMO realized by making this accusation they were implying that Ignatieff had more global influence as an opposition leader with a 2 paragraph statement then the Government of Canada did. Now the government is claiming they lost because they were “principled”, which is interesting, if you believe attending a photo-op at a Tim Horton’s rather then attend UN climate change talks on the day President Obama is speaking is considered a principle. Don’t forget about cutting aid to Africa, or dragging your feet on climate change talks.

When even someone who I consider to be a Conservative government cheerleader calls this week “the most idiotic communications strategy yet devised by this PMO”, that should say something.


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  • Ignatieff has a habit of foot in the mouth disease. Bob and Martha tried to do damage control about being behind Canada. He also criticized Australia on the handling of their Tamil immigration problem. This was Canada’s seat to win or lose.

    I don’t blame the loss on Ignatieff.(That is silly) We did not have the Hamas-Fatah supporters locked up. We were not interested in offering the deals Germany or Portugal were making. Did our diplomats fail to count?

    Portugal agreed with India on granting them a permanent spot on Security Council, do you? China is not interested in increasing sanction or potential conflict with Iran are you?

    It is understandable why many countries with leaders like Chavez, Mugabe, Castro would NOT want Canada inside the U.N.

    The PM was wrong to attack Ignatieff at a conference in 2009(he was given wrong information it was someone else)and quickly apologized for attributing the comments incorrectly.

    Do you agree with the Arab 2002 policy to redraw Israel from six day war? Portugal does and it helped OIC countries. You agree with UAE getting special landing privileges too?

    Paul Martin agreed with Jim a Global Bank Tax was not a good idea.
    Germany and many African countries were promised billions for the Robin Hood Tax.

    I could go on why Canada did not flip flop or sell out its ally Israel to gain favour but sadly most of this post will be attacked because it does not fit the “Liberal worldview of social justice”.

    • Marie

      Ignatieff has a habit of foot in the mouth disease. Bob and Martha tried to do damage control about being behind Canada. He also criticized Australia on the handling of their Tamil immigration problem. This was Canada’s seat to win or lose

      Just like yourself Canadian senseles but I suppose its because you’ve been soblinded by lies for so long and you have this obsession of making up your ownlies. You don’t even know the meaning of a lie. But… if it makes you feel good keep it up because it merely makes you look lie a fool again.

      As for the seat, it was Harpers seat to win or lose and he made the wrong choice yet one more time. He desevred the loss.He did it to himself and there no ifs and or buts.

  • ridenrain

    We have a lot to learn from China…
    Has Iggy commented on this years Nobel peace prize winner?

    • Redrum

      @stallindust, you can’t even get your channel-changing talking points right. The shot you were supposed to try to give as set out by www + was that Iggy was some kind of hypocrite because he _should_ have been as quick to congratulate this dissident Nobel Prize winner as he was with Obama last year, but it seems he wasn’t, likely cuz he wants to suck up to the US & not alienate China, like everyone else does, and then some of you con-bots (i.e., Observant) went even further in the comments to suggest that the Libs will never criticize CHina now and are corrupt because the Power Corp. has commercial interests there.

      www +

      But saying “We have a lot to learn from China…” got it all wrong:

      the Nobel was for slamming China, by “demanding greater free speech, improved human rights, and open and free elections” in it, and the pro-democracy dissident it was awarded to, Liu Xiaobo, is IN JAIL, and then his WIFE got arrested when she started giving intervews, so… what would you have Iggy learn from that? (esp. since your guy clearly doesn’t believe in more openness, human rights, or “secret ballot” elections, either)

      Plus, a day or two after Taylor tried to rally you troops on this, Harper went and made a pro-CHina speech saying, gee, you guys are our friends again (even tho’ you’ve ignored the promise you made to us just before the G20 to stop devaluing your currency which keeps us shopping for your artificially cheap goods at WalMart instead of buying Cndn), so please buy our Potash co., etc. …which kinda let the air out of Absurdant’s tires.

  • foottothefire

    The bizarre way this event has unfolded begs the question why such a revelation came about, why the head of CSIS would do what he did and why did he use the vehicle he did? It was in fact so bizarre, it screamed, “conspiracy”.
    Could it be that CSIS was sending a message to Harper personally? To Jason Kenney? To others being courted and…tempted by local representation of long distance…interests.
    Perhaps there is a country or two…not to be too picayune say…China and…Israel, each with particular agenda’s. China goes the path of least resistance and harperites are as witless as they come. Israel on the other hand has been spying in Canada so much for so long that they fly plane loads of spies in. On top of that Israel has a…good thing going???…and witless is damned convenient at this stage of the mid-east crisis.
    Oh well. Not to worry. The information was passed on the Vic Toews himself…along with a large black marker. Undoubtedly we won’t get to the bottom of another gem so in the meantime just remember, “loose lips sink ships”. (P.S. I got the nuance, “I have in my hand…”, good one, Scott.)

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