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Miss me?

Well, I FINALLY have my internet account set up at my new place.. so I’ll be back to regular posting again.


9 comments to Miss me?

  • ridenrain

    Now that your back, maybe you can do a story on Iggy’s flip/flop over the 360 EI plan instead of boring us all with another census “outrage” story.

    • Redrum

      @rodeJapScrapB4KrautKrap, ah, what bothers you more: the fact that we have a leader who actually changes his mind on economic policies when situations change (after all, your guy keeps telling us the recession’s over, right, so why fault him for axing a program geared to short-term laid-off workers?), or the fact that it’ll still take you several jobs in a row of being fired for your obvious incompetence before you accumulate enough hours to qualify? (P.s., it’s spelled “you’re back,” here; you’re just too used to the target on Your back from all the times you open your mouth and something stupid comes out.)

    • @ridenrain, You know.. if you’re so bored of this place,you don’t have to come here and read.. further to that, if you’re truly bored, you wouldn’t be leaving comments telling me and everyone how bored you are.

  • ridenrain

    We missed you. Welcome back.

    The sound of crickets was getting dull.

  • Redrum

    Yeah, in your absence, I had to go to Morton’s place to put another spoke in RiddenOff’s wheels: to wit,

    guess what — not only has your hero SunTV had to climb down from its ‘You better create a special category for us’ license demands,

    www. +

    but the Harper gov’t itself is also doing what you complained so bitterly (and inappropriately) about Soros doing: spending millions to interfere in another country’s electoral processes (by, you know, trying to ensure that it’s more open, transparent, and democratic).

    www. +

  • hi Scott…well I missed you. We need your unflappable rationality in these insane times. And sadly I can’t do anything to help fill that vacuum. 😉 Besides I can hardly wait to hear what you have to say about what the Liberals did today. That won’t be easy. Welcome back !!! 🙂

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