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Please… let’s get this over with.

One thing I will briefly say on politics tonight. I applaud those who are looking to engage in civic duty and public service by running in the municipal elections, but regardless of who wins the Toronto mayor race, I’m going to be glad when that race is over so I don’t have to read the posturing/outrage and so forth from the various supporters online. I don’t think I’m the only one either.

I dont know why that race irritates me in particular.. but it does. Let’s get the voting over with so those campaigns can go silent.


11 comments to Please… let’s get this over with.

  • Michael Harkov

    So…… anti-incumbant sentiment federally with the Tories losing a whole 0.7% of support after supposedly the worst summer they’ve had to date while the Liberals are desperatley trying to revive themselves, when it’s Liberal fortunes in retreat in Toronto and Atlantic Canada, two of their bastions?

    *Shuddering* oh nos how ever will I sleep at night? 😀

    • Redrum

      @Michael Harkov, re: How ever will you sleep at night: oh, I don’t know: by stuffing some small dead animal into your nether regions in the attempt to fill your soulless void? Or by dreaming about which disenfanchised groups to demonize next? Actually, I don’t think your type has any trouble sleeping… not being afflicted by a conscience.

  • Michael Harkov

    I dont know why that race irritates me in particular.. but it does

    It probably has absolutley nothing to do with fact that a right wing candidate is going to win – handily – in Liberal Toronto. I’m sure that won’t irritate or bother federal Toronto Liberals, either. But who knows, right? 😀

    • Michael Harkov

      Oh, and the NB Tories getting 50% of the PV tonight, that probably doesn’t “irritate” federal Liberals, either

      I mean, why should it?

      • Redrum

        @Michael Harkov, yeah, why should it?

        The, um, _Progressive_ (remember those? didn’t think so) Conservatives had 47.5% of the popular vote in ’06 (which was actually up slightly from ’03 (when they won the election): just not in the right places); and went, wow, all the way up to 49 or 50% this time, after the current gov’t made a series of disastrously unpopular flip-flops.

        Ooh: harbinger of doom.

        • Michael Harkov

          Well, whatever gets you through the night. ;D

        • Redrum

          @Harkov, well, try this on for size: maybe it’s not an anti-Lib sentiment sweeping the country, but just an angry, anti-incumbent one. So guess who’s next? (Hint: the angry guy who’s betrayed or simply failed to deliver on almost everything he promised or stood for). Sweet dreams.

      • @Michael Harkov, Actually, it has nothing to do with Ford at all.. but the whole race in particular. My irritability extends at all candidates. I’m not a citizen of Toronto, so that probably is a cause of my irritation, plus because its in Toronto, its hard to avoid hearing about it.

        But I will say “winning handily” for Ford might be a bit of an exaggeration, if that poll I saw from yesterday pans out.

  • It is the fifth largest government min the country.

  • George Shuckers

    Its time Sarah Thomson and Rocco Rossi put their egos away and resign from the race. They have absolutely no political experience and yet think they can run the largest municipality in Canada. They should have run for a Councillor position first and learn things from the inside first. Despite what people say, experience isn’t a bad thing.

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