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Some Harper hubris coming on UN seat election? We’ll see.

Briefly this AM, and as a short follow up to Impolitical’s thoughts on Canada possibly losing out on the rotating UN Security Council seat up for election, one of the reasons I’ve read that might cost Canada votes – and possibly the seat – was the fact several nations didn’t think Harper should have skipping out on the speeches at the UN over climate change, and questioned Canada’s commitment to tackling serious issues. As you might recall, Harper chose instead to spend part of his time at a Tim Horton’s donut shop, and sent Environment Minister Jim Prentice instead (as I recall, he was at Timmy’s the same day President Obama was making his speech on climate change).

In the end, it may not be enough to cost Canada the seat, but if it does, Harper has no one but himself to blame.


6 comments to Some Harper hubris coming on UN seat election? We’ll see.

  • James Bagan

    This post is very silly.

    • Marie

      What’s the friggin matter James? Does the truth hurt that much? You don’t like the message, don’t visit and don’t waste your time posting.

  • foottothefire

    Over the last few days Global News Calgary offered breathless coverage of US senators, film makers and the mayors dog’s interest in the newly exposed Tar Sands. As good Conservative propagandists they have taken great pains to mention, “Canada’s positive image as a world environmental leader”.
    The first thing I thought of was Harper’s first international circus (he performs at least once or twice a year), KYOTO.
    On hearing about somebody waking Harper up to pursue a seat on the Security Council the first thing I think of is…KYOTO…then I think of all the other insults Harper has hurled at the UN, International Law and I think…
    comeuppance is at hand.

  • Greg

    What I will be watching is how the Conservatives spin this if we get it. Since it is basically “our turn”, it should not be a big deal. I suspect the Conservatives will spin this as a diplomatic “coup” for the Dear Leader. Trying to build a cult of personality for someone lacking one is very hard.

  • We will probably get the seat as our competition for it is Portugal. There are 2 seats & Germany is sure to get one. Portugal is in bad fiscal shape & there are already enough European countries on the Council. Also, we have gotten the seat every time it was “our turn” to get it. If we do get the seat it will have nothing to do with what Harper has or hasn’t done. He’s incidental to it, as far as I can see.

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