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..and even MORE Sun hubris.

I’m not going to get into too much more detail or opinion of the Sun Media retraction over Ezra Levant’s column that George Soros objects to (and indeed, hasn’t yet removed the threat of libel from Sun Media, since this is published by them unilaterally, without agreement from Soros that this is enough to cause him to remove the threat of a lawsuit), as many folks in the Progressive Bloggers affiliation have covered it already (see a partial list here)

But, for those of us who object to Sun Media, (particularly with regards to that last part of their name)  it’s been a rather satisfying week or 2, between Kory Teynecke and Ezra’s shenanigans.

I will admit though that my parents were actually watching SunTV last week; there was some BBQ show on there that they liked. That was the extent of it though. At this rate, that’s all that TV station will be showing.


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