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Au contraire… continue as you were.

I have to disagree with my fellow Liberal blogger Impolitical, who, when commenting on Conservative House Leader John Baird blaming the potential demise of Bill C-391 (the bill trying to kill the gun registry) on the “Toronto elitists” said this:

Conservatives. Knock. It. Off.

I disagree: I want Baird to be as big of a blow hard as possible, and to keep saying totally ridiculous things, – and get as much publicity for it as possible. Baird does not gain votes for the Conservatives when he bellows; he loses votes. It’ll be fun to point out the apparent contradictions in this attempted attack, as some sharp media pundits have already done.


3 comments to Au contraire… continue as you were.

  • I agree! Knock it off – Not! Keep flapping those gums John.

  • Niles

    (I’m sure this has been said already but…) Maybe he meant the Toronto Leafs are to blame and it just came out wrong. Aren’t the Leafs being blamed for everything else?

    Sorryass joke aside, do you think the Con insult dogs ever sit in the script sessions and make jokes about just how over the top they can go with the pre-packaged talking points before their public credibility snaps? Is there a betting pool?

    I really do believe Baird is where he is only because he has the acting ability not to break out into helpless giggles when delivering one of his thundering bombasts.

  • Or, as it also called, the Fox News North syndrome. Let them embarrass themselves. Give ’em enough rope…

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