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Nanos poll warns NDP: you will pay in urban Canada if gun registry falls.

Just a little follow up on yesterday’s Nanos poll: While the Conservatives obviously are getting nailed in the polls over the cumulative affects of their various actions, the poll sends a warning to the NDP that they too are suffering the affects of a bad decision – namely, Jack Layton’s decision not to whip his caucus over the gun registry vote and ensure it survives:

..But the NDP is also having a difficult time. The poll suggests that because of divisions within their caucus over the long-gun registry issue, support has fallen from 21 per cent to 16 per cent…New Democrats will be able to vote independently on the bill, and some have suggested they will support the Conservatives to kill the registry. “The long-gun registry is political poison for the NDP,” said Nanos. “Our polling indicates that urban NDP voters are very dismayed with the perception of division within the New Democrats.”

The regionals show the NDP has taken losses across the country as compared to the last Nanos poll in June. Not all of that can probably be blamed on the party’s gun registry stance, but you see a precipitous drop in Ontario and the Atlantic regions, and a drop in Quebec – all key areas for the NDP, and at least 2 of the areas that would have strong support for the gun registry. You can see a fair # of urban NDP seats as well as in Outrement being in extreme peril if the gun registry is dismantled because of a divided NDP caucus and the failure of Layton to whip the vote; the political considerations of rural NDP seats will be wiped away by those losses.

And, as CFSR points out via NOW magazine, it’s not like Layton hasn’t whipped things like this before; NDP’ers might recall he whipped the same-sex marriage vote, and NOW doesn’t understand or buy the differences here:

Comartin, who is in a difficult position because he’s gung-ho on registration, makes an unsettling distinction in explaining Layton’s decision not to enforce discipline. It’s not like same-sex marriage, he reasons, where the leader did crack the whip. “That issue was one of fundamental human rights. We don’t downplay the importance of the gun registry question – Jack and I believe if it gets done in, more people will die. But having said that, it’s a question of public policy, not of fundamental rights.”

Doesn’t wash, I’m afraid. Mark Pugash of the Toronto Police Services reminds me that the force seized 841 rifles and 519 shotguns last year, 70 per cent from the U.S. and the rest local. We register cars, he says. “For the life of me, I can’t see the difference.”

Neither does CFSR:

If a Tory MP had acknowledged that vulnerable women and kids would die if a certain policy, say the repeal of the long gun registry, was enacted and then dismissed the concern with nothing more than wonkspeak, Jack Layton and Joe Comartin would have been among first to the barricades. And they would have made sure that the NDP caucus was with them and suitably outraged.

But still, Jack Layton won’t whip NDP MPs to save the long gun registry.

The NDP says that the lives of vulnerable women and children are not a question of fundamental rights. That’s disgusting. And its just so wrong in so many ways.

Does segments of the NDP really wish to stand with Stephen Harper, James Bezan and Garry Breitkreuz? They will pay for it at the ballot box in urban Canada if they do so.


18 comments to Nanos poll warns NDP: you will pay in urban Canada if gun registry falls.

  • kmartin

    namely, Jack Layton’s decision not to whip his caucus over the gun registry vote. So this is on Jacks shoulders for not whipping his people..and Iggy has told his people to vote yes to keep it..yet you all scream because Harper is whipping his people to vote to get rid of it.

    Seem to me like whipping the vote is ok as long as it supports the Liberal agenda but if it goes against what you want then it is bad..


    • Redrum

      @kmartin, you’re just being obtuse.

      The crit the Libs have levelled against the Cons on this is that they’re pretending it is and should be a free open vote on a private member’s bill and have chastised the Libs for whipping their vote… whereas in reality, at least one Lib. MP knows of some indiv. Con. MP’s who’ve grumbled that _are_ being whipped: that they’d like to vote to keep the registry but can’t. And the speculation is there may be more.

      So, no, the Lib complaint isn’t that there shouldn’t be whipped votes, it’s that the Gov’t party shouldn’t lie both about the fact that it is whipping virtually all of its votes and about the fact that this is actually a gov’t bill (witness the Party-paid-for attack ads in the swing ridings), not a private member’s bill at all.

  • Jimmy

    Am I the only one who is not Crazy? I remember the Same-sex bill was a GOVERNMENT BILL and the government didn’t even whip their bill 13 LIBERALS voted against it. The NDP whipped it because they whip important Government bills. The Liberals don’t. The Liberals only whip private members bills now the ones which shouldn’t be whipped?

    Liberals your bias is showing or the gun registry is more important then the human rights issue of equality really? That is your position? No your position is it ok when we do it but when someone else does it is wrong. That is politics at its worst.

  • Al

    I’ve written off the NDP a long time ago,even though they got my vote for most of my life.Supporting them is simply an exercise of futility.

  • Fred

    Cloudlybrain, ridofbrain, riddlemethis?

    Did I accidentally blunder into a kindergarten class here? Grow up, FFS…you’re supposed to be adults…

    • Redrum

      @Fred, feel free to blunder back out. ‘ridenrain’ chose a nonsensical name to start with, and comes to Liberal sites to trash talk, heckle, and generally be a troll, so I followed in suit and give him the respect he deserves. And what’s this / where’s the ‘supposed to be’ in blogball, anyway?

      • Marie

        Redum; if you don’t like the responses, don’t post. BTW is Layton going to be riding shotgun again for Harper? He is making a habit of it and the reponsibilty falls on his shoulders.

        What is so wrong for the liberals to whip a vote? Harper does it all the time.Layton has been know to do it too. BTW this is not a private members bill but one cooked up by the Hypocrits Harper party and of that, I have no doubts for one minute. It is all Harper has talked about since he was elected PM.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @Redrum, ah there’s the rub Redrum. What they expect need not necessarily apply to them in their own behaviour. Unfortunately there isnt anything witty to come out of Fred. Rhyming nor the person.

        We should also remember that compared to Fred’s advanced age, we’re all children.

        • Fred

          Childish name-calling is a poor substitute for wit…but given what I’ve seen from you so far, it’s about the extent of your ability. You couldn’t ‘debate’ your way past a 14-year-old.

        • Jon Pertwee

          @Fred, Ive had no problems getting under your skin. Does that make you 13?

  • TofKW

    ridofbrain …you can complain about the Libs whipping the vote once the Reformatories stop whipping their own urban MPs on this one.

    Oh, and kiss Steve Woodworth’s (Kitchener Centre – won by 339 votes) and Peter Braid’s (Kitchener-Waterloo – won by 50 votes) seats goodbye in the next election. Both Urban CPC MP’s who’s constituents want stronger gun laws, not weaker ones. Kiss the wedge!

    • Jon Pertwee

      @TofKW, who would have thought Andrew Telegdi would have a chance of returning to Ottawa? It is funny what the other side of the wedge produces though.

  • ridenrain

    Private members bill.
    Liberals demanding disciple from NDP members is Hippocratic.

    • Redrum

      @riddlemethis, making even less sense than usual; Daddy’s got a new pair of ‘shrooms? But thanks for the new moniker: the Hippocratic Oaf.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @Redrum, Oh man did Cloudybrain really just insult himself? Too funny.

        • Redrum

          @Jon Pertwee, well, he was just in Yogi Berra mode. I am curious about how we can go about making the NDP MPs into the Libs’ “disciples,” tho’, so that together we could go forth and multiply. (Maybe if we bring Dion back from the dead? I did hear he’s rising from Montezuma’s…)

  • Jimmy

    Same sex Marriage Bill NOT a private members Bill.

    Gun registry is a Private members Bill. Wait did the Liberals whip their caucus on the Same Sex bill? Hmmmmmmm….. It is only wrong when the NDP does something NOT the Liberals.

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